Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back Home Again?

(Photo Credits: Top: Matt Detrich, Indianapolis Star; bottom: Matt Dial, Indianapolis Star; Clinton rally at American Legion Mall, Indianapolis, 4/23/08)

What if it all comes down to Indiana -- the Democratic race for the presidential nomination? What if it all comes down to a hardy band of lesbians following Senator Hillary Clinton up and down the state -- from Moose's birth place of New Albany, along the banks of the Ohio River, to the comfy suburban enclave of Valparaiso, close to the shores of Lake Michigan, where she graduated from high school -- with signs saying, "Lesbians Hoosiers For Hillary" (sic and see above)? A lot of people are saying that it might.

I don't think Moose will be able to take it, kids. I think she'll cancel classes for the semester. I think she'll find some clever way to bail out of the last few meetings on Learning Outcomes Assessment that she's committed to attending. I think she'll throw a cooler and a couple of pairs of clean underpants in the Prius and hit the road, with or without me and Goose, to claim her native land for Hillary, to save America, to cast down her bucket with the candidate whom she fondly refers to as Rocky with brains, boobs, and a health-care plan.

Don't you all think it's weird that Goose's home state of Texas resurrected a candidacy that seemed on the brink of death and that now Moose's home state of Indiana, which, in all honesty, has to be the dullest place on dog's earth, is now the epicenter of the election that will transform the universe? Does it affirm your belief that Roxie's World is ground zero in everything that matters? Does it give you Goosebumps? Mooosebumps? Roxie-bumps?

Fasten your seatbelts, kids. We're headin' out to the heartland to get this whole mess sorted out. Stay tuned. Stay faithful. And consider having a few close friends over for waffles this weekend. We want Obama to be able to finish his waffles, so let's commit ourselves to waffle-eating. Send us your favorite waffle recipes, and we'll see if we can't find a way to give Senator Obama room and time to finish his breakfast in peace. Go ahead, Barry. Clean up your plate. We'll answer the phone. Really.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM EDT

    Roxie--thanks for your comments over at my blog. Here's a question: why do Obama loyalists believe that he's better on gay rights than Clinton, contra all the evidence I've seen? Is this just more evidence that many of his supporters see in him what they want to see, rather than seeing him for his stated positions? (Just as they insist that Hillary is the devil incarnate, despite her stated positions, most of which are also Obama's stated positions...)

    Sorry to have dropped the ball on the history questions below. Will get back to you on that later this weekend, I hope.

    Moose is from Indiana? I used to live 6 miles from Indiana, and could have jogged over the border any time if I felt like it. (But, it didn't really seem like a interesting destination for a 12 mile round-trip run!)

  2. Well, Historiann, it seems to us that Obama has become the dream date, the fantasy man, the screen upon which a range of often contradictory desires (for "unity," for deep "change," for a post-racial politics, for the First Black President) is being projected. Clinton has been around too long to play that role.

    As for the gay thing in particular, I don't get it, though it may partly be that Clinton gets blamed for her husband's support of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and DOMA, while Obama gets more credit than he deserves for one nice line about gays in his speech at the Democratic convention. Still, she has renounced those Clinton admin positions and would never say, as Obama recently did, that a gay person who doesn't proselytize is somehow remarkable.

    I think Clinton still leads among LGBT voters, thanks, no doubt, to the tireless efforts of a certain dog blogger with two rabidly pro-Hillary moms. ;-) Oh, and maybe Elton John.

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM EDT

    i am loving on this post!

    you deserve some great scratching behind the ears! ;)

    i like to serve instant toaster allows people to get to their eating and stop complaining the fastest.

    i was first impressed w/ Clinton when she made the "I want to be your president" speech to the LGBT community...although due to the early hour i am forgetting where and when that happened.

    the love of her comes from her taking the time to be specific. she is specific about issues that are important to women, she is specific about issues important to the LGBT community. i have yet to see the same from Obama. I try my best to not openly engage in Obama hating, not the way i was rabidly anti Ron Paul, but he is lacking and found wanting.

    great post rox!

    like i said, best blog by a dog that rocks, ever!

  4. Rox, can I count you in on my Victory Pawty Tuesday? I am serving crow to my Bark backer friends, and fettucine alfredo to us Hillions.

    I cannot believe I am looking forward to watching O'Reilly tonite - something I NEVER thought would come out of MY muzzle! And the 2nd nite in a row no less!

    It is almost like Twilight Zone - where is Rod Serling to do his opening monologue on the eerie juxtaposition of political pundits? Joe Scarboro gladly referring to Hillary as his girlfriend, O'Reilly relaxing his BONER for all things Clinton, Newt and Rove both citing CORRECT data about Hillary because we cannot trust the LIBERAL ELITE presscorps - and WE BELIEVE THEM? And the essential Hill herself - talking to Fox news AND appearing on O'Reilly! Pinch me!

    Bussie Kissies

    GO HILL!


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