Monday, December 26, 2011

Ruby's First Christmas

'Tis the season for making a fool out of oneself by publicly sharing low-rent videos made by techno-challenged iMovie illiterates. Pardon the indulgence, kids, but there are at least two good reasons to give Moose's latest film a click: It features the jazzy piano song that simply is Christmas for several generations of Peanuts-raised Americans, and it stars a really cute dog appearing in her first non-major motion picture. Yes, Santa found Ms. Ruby all the way out in chilly Michigan and brought her some presents. Plus, her cousin Scooter proved to be remarkably generous in sharing his presents and his astonishingly large stash of toys. Like spoiled children everywhere, Ms. Ruby now believes that every day should be Christmas. 

She has a point, of course. Gather 'round the laptop for this heartwarming holiday non-classic, while we pack up and get ready to head back to Roxie's World tomorrow. See you soon, my pretties. Whatever you are celebrating this season, we hope you are feeling nurtured in body and spirit and that some sweet soul is genially sharing his or her toys with you. Peace out.


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM EST


  2. ready for her closeup, mr. demille

  3. Goose has now forbidden Moose to play this movie in Ruby's presence, because the star of this epic film is completely UNHINGED by the sound of that SQUEEEEEEAK, on account of the poor panda was ritually disemboweled and deprived of its squeak moments after filming concluded.

    And, yeah, totes ready for her closeup. The kid is a star. And knows it.

  4. What a fluffy coat and waggy tail! The joy!

  5. Terriers know what to do when something squeaks.


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