Friday, December 23, 2011

Respite and Rescue

The Moms and sweet Ruby-doo are about to hit the road for a brief holiday visit to the Land of the Moosians (Motor City division). Grades are done. The car is tuned up. Not one single gift has been purchased, but, hey, Republicans caved on the payroll tax cut extension, so at least we'll have more moolah to shop with after Christmas. We hope that you, too, are gearing up for some quality time with loved ones.

Here's the image that festooned the front page of WaPo this morning, by way of reminding readers that, with yesterday's winter solstice, light is finding its way back to the national capital region. (That news will disappoint the Dark Ages caucus of the GOP, but they are accustomed to disappointment.)

(Photo Credit: Bill O'Leary, Washington PostWaPo caption: "The Capitol and its Christmas tree gleam amid first light Thursday as the sun rises after the longest night of the year; the winter solstice was marked at 12:30 a.m. This HDR [high dynamic range] composite image was created by software that combines several images of the same scene to enhance clarity and color saturation.")

Meanwhile, here's a little image Moose snapped at dinner the other night that captures the spirit of the season in Roxie's World:

Finally, if you need a heartwarming animal story to lift your holiday spirits, Ms. Ruby urges you to click over to this tale of 100 dogs who arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League just in time for Christmas. They were rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill. There's a whole set of ridiculously adorable photos of the survivors up on flickr, but unless your heart is made of stone you'd better be prepared to adopt a dog before you subject yourselves to images like, uh, this:

Happy holidays, darlings. May you find refuge in love this season. Be warm, be kind, be rescued.


  1. travel safe and sweet oh those who know how to generously love. may the spirits of xmas past grace our memories, and the kindly care of and with family deepen our hearts. relax as much as travel allows and feel our love.....

  2. Glad to hear someone else emerges from the grading haze with "oh, yeah, Christmas; we're supposed to give gifts then, right?" I have one friend -- also a professor, which makes it more difficult, and generally a wonderful person -- who always distributes presents several weeks before the holiday, while I'm thinking more along the lines of following the French custom of New Year's gifts. I am actually semi-prepared this year, but only because Amazon can sit one tab away from the LMS on the browser.

    Happy trails, happy holidays, and thanks for the doggy pictures (fortunately -- at least in this case -- I live in a "no dogs" building, so I can enjoy with only minor twinges).

  3. The spirit of the season is drunken weirdos three tables over?


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