Monday, July 04, 2011

The Fireworks Are Hailing . . .

. . . over a Little Eden slightly west of Jersey last night. Greetings from South Haven, Michigan, darlings, where the Moms and Ms. Ruby are celebrating the birth of the nation with the Baby Sister of the Moosians and several guitar-playing, shaggy-haired adolescent sweet peas. The sky is clear and the breeze is soft. We hope your particular corner of the world is as pretty as this one is today.

All photos by Moose, lying on her back on the beach, looking up through the lens of Goose's iPhone, her heart full of joy and the memories of summers past in this ever lovely place. Peace out, my pretties, and remember: It's your country, too. Make something of it.



  2. Holy dog, you're in South Haven!?! My aunt and uncle are part of the San Bar community, and I spent many a happy summer there in years past.

    Small world! Enjoy the lovely beaches, the blueberries (I guess a little early for that), and some Sherman's ice cream for sure!


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