Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Abby

Would you please come home and raise the debt ceiling? Yours sincerely, US of A

Because, you know, I'm pretty sure she could.

(Photo Credit: Martin Meissner, Associated Press, via. AP caption: United States forward Abby Wambach celebrates after scoring the winning goal against France on Wednesday.)

Girl's got a good head on her shoulders, after all, which is more than you can say for the dudebros in DC these days.

(Photo Credit: Associated Press, via.)

Sigh. We are officially soccer-illiterate here in Roxie's World, but you know we love us any estrogen-fueled spectacle of power and grace, so we are all in for Abby and her gang o' high-kicking gal pals over there in Germany battling for the World Cup. You go, girls, and when it's over get your firm behinds home and get to work fixing any of the several. pickles. our nation. is currently in.

Meantime, whatever it is you do to win a soccer game, we hope you will do it supremely well against Japan on Sunday. Use your heads, wimmin. Right? Right! Go, team, go!

And, you, dudebros, being all preening and stupid and strateger-ic: Straighten up, fly right, and pay the bills. The clock is ticking, and your nation is sick of the dithering. Shut up and make a deal. Use your heads, if you can manage to pull them out of your un-firm behinds.

Yours sincerely, US of A


  1. LOVE this, Rox! Made me burst out laughing. And then I want to burst out crying when I watch our politicians, who were supposedly elect to GOVERN, fingerpoint, dither, cross their arms, and say NO. Revenue has to be raised one way or the other, and just letting the Bush tax cuts expire would do it. So why don't we just do that, dimwits.

    And I hope the President has learned that when you give in and give the opposition almost everything they want in the early stages, then you can't really expect them to start giving back when the end is in sight, no matter how much finger-wagging you justifiably do. Geesh!

    I'm in with handing it all over to the US women's soccer team.


  2. Hellz yes, to all of the above.

  3. GlassPen9:33 AM EDT

    I saw a game that US women played against Japan in was a blow-out...not score, so much as overpowering play. So unless Japan gets really lucky and US gets really unlucky, we're lookin' good for Sunday. Go team!


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