Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday in the Park

With Ruby.

What park? This one, which turns out to be both convenient and lovely. And equipped with a 3.7-mile path around a sweet little lake.

And towering trees that stretch, like, all the way up to what we might call Heaven.

Think of it as the party after the after-party, following yesterday's (spectacularly successful) homopalooza at QTU. It was a nice chance for two tired moms to walk off the fatigue and quietly reflect on the many satisfactions of an intellectually vibrant day. And for Ms. Ruby to discover more of the adventures awaiting her in life outside a puppy mill. Like, you know, picnics and bird song and pollen in your beard on a glorious April afternoon.

(Photo Credits: Moose, 4/30/11)

Ah, sweet Ruby, what fun awaits you! I'd be jealous if I weren't grooving in a state beyond all the pettier emotions. For me, of course, every day is a sun-drenched Saturday in the park. (Go on, aging children. Click on that link, so that the earworm that crawled out of 1972 and into Moose's head this morning can slip into yours. Please, or she will spend the rest of the weekend trying, yet again, to figure out what the hell comes after the line about the ice cream guy singing Italian songs.)

Happy weekend to you, darlings. Play hard, rest well, and if perchance you get some pollen in your beard, may a loving hand reach down to brush it off. That, my friends, is heaven on earth. Peace out.


  1. thank you for that lovely day of intellectual feasting.

  2. Intellectual feasting, amen, followed by such a marvelously rejuvenating day in the park. And Ruby turns out to be quite the swimmer. . .good thing we have a pool for her in her ridiculously big backyard!

  3. I thought you were at Walden, based on that second picture.

    Also, we can never get too many pictures of Ruby, who is totally rocking the pollen mustache.


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