Saturday, April 23, 2011

Believing in Spring When You Can't See It

(Photo Credit: Moose, 4/20/11)

Whatever rite of spring you celebrate, may it be joyous and renewing and full of light.

Even if, at this very moment, it is 43 degrees, pouring rain, and pitch dark. Even now, you know the grand old azalea is just outside the door, hugging the front corner of the house, ready to strut its day-glo stuff with the first hint of sunshine. Which will return, darlings. Soon. Honor bright. Can't you feel it? Can't you? Ah, well, never mind. Sleep tonight. Sun tomorrow. I promise. Peace out.


  1. Your yard is lovely right now -- in the dark and in the light. And they say today will be warmer.

    Happy Easter to the folks at the Palace, enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs. Katie

  2. Nice picture! The magnolias in Central Park are in full bloom.


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