Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rose-Colored Glasses

(Photo Credit: Moose, back in Roxie's World, 12/29/10)

The Department of Tropes and Leisure pointed out in a recent memo that glass and glasses have emerged as something of a theme this year in Roxie's World. Perhaps you noticed, too, close readers that you are: blue glasses, party glasses, half-full glasses, beach glass, window glass. Why? Who knows, darlings. The methods behind the creative madness around here are obscure, even to us. We like to think some desperate grad student will figure it all out fifty years from now when she stumbles upon this happy little place while doing research for her dissertation, Blogging: What the Hell Was That All About? Pretty to think so, isn't it?

Anyhoo, today's contribution to the theme offers a digitally enhanced (through the new desktop version of CameraBag Moose downloaded as a holiday treat for herself) photo of a family heirloom that made its way to Roxie's World from the Land of the Moosians just yesterday. These ruby red glasses graced the table of every special occasion meal of Moose's misspent Midwestern youth and childhood. They were as important to any feast as green bean casserole and the cheap lambrusco Moose's uncle would let her swig on the sly. Moose is delighted to have them and looks forward to filling them way more than half full for many years to come.

We'll get back to regular blogalicious programming soon, kids, as soon as we've resolved the annual dilemma of how to wrap up the whole damn year in a single post. Stay tuned. You won't want to miss it. Meantime, we hope you are enjoying not being at MLA 2010, the conference that time forgot. We hope to see some of you next week in La La Land, for MLA 2011, the conference that hopefully won't get mucked up by an epic weather event. Peace out.


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM EST

    Psst to the moms - you should come by the Marriott bar around 8-ish on the 6th if you're in the neighborhood.... I'll be there as will a fair number of other bloggy peeps to kick off MLA in the only way that makes sense: with cocktails!

  2. Here's to the New Year in rose-colored glasses toasted!

  3. @ Dr. Crazy: The moms would love to join you at the Marriott and will try to pop in. Moose's session is at 5:15 that evening in the convention center, though, so it could be they will end up in Schmoozeville with folks from there. (You should totally come to that session, btw, which will be all about how bloggers are going to save the humanities!) Anyway, if we miss you then, let's look for some other chance to connect. It's high time Moose, Goose, and Dr. Crazy met in Real Life!

  4. Thanks for toasting a new year in those very glasses!


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