Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Glasses

(Photo Credit: Moose, on her iPhone, somewhere in the swamps o' Jersey, 12/5/10)

Did we or did we not assure you in our previous (kinda grouchy) post that the moms had "ordered a fresh supply of half-full glasses to arrive in time to ring in the New Year?" Et voilà, mes amis. Here they are! Not half-full yet, but they will be. You see? I told you everything would be fine in Roxie's World.

OK, technically, the part about ordering the glasses above isn't true. And the whole fine thing might be slightly exaggerated, too, but have faith, kids. We'll muddle through.

The whole truth, no stretchers: The incredibly happy glasses in the picture were pressed into service for a champagne toast at a wonderful celebration the moms attended last weekend in honor of the 91st birthday of one of the last of the Bonus Moms. Ninety-one! Wow. Way to go, JZ!

Anyway, you know how my typist loves a riot of bright colors backlit by the sun. We thought we'd toss up this photo to remind us of warmth and longevity on an evening when Goose is far, far away, and a patch of cold, nasty weather is about to roll into town. Why? Because otherwise we would feel compelled to do a Debbie Downer post on the death and funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. Or a Sally Snark post on the Big Dawg's triumphant return to the White House yesterday to save the skinny a$$ of the sorry Little Pup currently living there. (Please go read Dan Balz's bedazzled report, which was the lead story in the dead-tree edition of today's WaPo, on Clinton's unparalleled wonkery and his undiminished political acumen. Then go watch the vid of Obama and Clinton together in the briefing room, as Clinton cogently and non-defensively explains the importance of supporting the imperfect agreement on taxes Obama managed to strike with congressional Republicans this week. The moment [which comes at about the 10:50 mark in the vid] when Obama says he has to go because he's got to join the First Lady at some holiday event and Big Dawg practically pushes him out the door so he can go on explaining how it is, still and always, the economy, stupid? Priceless. Watch the whole thing and tell us if you think we're crazy to fantasize that there ought to be two Clintons in Obama's cabinet. Bye-bye, Geithner. Hello, Blue Eyes! Tell us again how we gotta keep this goin' so we don't slip back into recession.)

But like we said, kids, we are not going to blog about any of those things. You've got your eye candy and a couple of luscious links to follow. Knock yourselves out -- It's Saturday night. Moose is going to light a fire, nuke some leftovers, and curl up with whatever movie she can find that Goose probably wouldn't want to watch. Good times, people, good times.

And here: We love you so much we are just going to embed that vid of Clinton in the briefing room. You don't even have to click away to enjoy it. Peace out.


  1. Party Glasses! Let the celebrations flow! Here's to good things happening no matter what. We keep coming back up, and that's the thing. Dancing with Roxie, the picture in my mind's eye.

  2. Nice paralipsis (that was one of my words of the day this week and I am so happy to have the opportunity to use it!) we just came back from dinner at Poste. We should have called time M is in Europe and we are freezing in MD. ;-)

  3. Jeezus fuvcke that old motherfucker is so fucken long-winded and boring. And why did he have to keep smacking the fucjeb podium?

  4. CPP: Do not speak ill of the Big Dawg. That will get you put in a muzzle quicker than anything here in Roxie's World.

    Julie: Paralipsis is one of our all-time favorite rhetorical devices, though technically we never heard of it before this comment. We are not rhetoricians, you know.

    Katie: Coming back up: Well, yes, we're trying. And trying. And trying.

  5. Speaking of podium smacking, this is a classic:

  6. We always called it antiphrasis, which makes more sense: ἀντί, antí, "opposite" and φράσις, phrásis, "diction" -- MN is very good at this!

    And ML is very good at Occultatio.

    Love, Katie

  7. Heh. Love the party glasses--this year I'm just hoping for some Beer Goggles!


  8. GlassPen2:31 PM EST

    off topic...
    @Goose: in case you missed it, Garrison Keillor did a bit for Emily Dickinson's birthday yesterday. Getting at this may be a bit tricky. If you go to Emily and look in the program listing under Segment 2, the "Emily" section is the 4th item showing. Presumably you could cue up the segment and advance to the time stamp. Enjoy.

  9. GlassPen11:02 AM EST

    and another Feisty Old Broad for Moose. Lots to toast in your half-full glasses.

  10. @ Glass Pen -- Yeah, I knew about the Garrison Keillor thing but thanks for pointing to it. I'll go listen to it later today. I had every intention of being in Amherst for the celebration there, but then came the invitation to Firenze and, well, how could I say no?

    GK was in Amherst as a guest of the Emily Dickinson Museum to help celebrate ED. That was swell, I'll bet!

    Here's to Mighty Strong Women! Thank YOU Rox!!!
    --Goose, who had a great time but is very glad to be home


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