Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Lieu of a Post . . .

. . . we offer a poem, my pretties, which is in no way holiday-related except that it expresses Moose's wish that Santa existed so that he could bring her a puppy for Christmas so that she could have a furry companion to go along with the human companion who walks with her on the long, arduous, lovely trail called life. The poem, by the Australian poet Petra White, was brought to our attention by our beloved Candy Man, our personal authority on all things Australian and many things poetic. Thank you, kind sir, for a beautiful poem and so much more.

And thanks to all of you for being such excellent furry and non-furry companions to all of us in Roxie's World. If you are traveling this holiday season, may your journeys be safe and joyous. If you are not, well, lucky you. The moms hit the road bright and early tomorrow morning for a few days in the Land of the Moosians. Details as time and circumstances allow. Meanwhile, the poem (which we found here):

Woman and Dog

A woman and a dog walked all day
beside the non-moving canal.
People who walk dogs displace themselves:

the dog sniffs and leads, harnesses
a human soul, spirit and flesh
willing or not. Its human-dog eyes

cradle the walkable world – a happy place –
a brimming here-and-yet. The canal
neither followed nor lagged behind.

There was the simplified world, on either side, green
fields and red houses. There was the little pub
they always got to.

So long they trudged, two bodies and one
soul, so many miles,
the paws began to bleed.

Little flecks of ruby blood glittered the black
rubbery pads, as if the dog was inking out
all the sadness of the woman.

And the woman, being just strong enough,
gathered up the dog (not a small one)
and carried it all the way home, wherever that was.

© Petra White

Don't you love that line, There was the simplified world? Let's take a long walk in the new year, darlings, and see if we can find it. Peace out.


  1. Safe travels, Roxie, Moose, and Goose! Enjoy the land of the Moosians, and happy holidays to one and all.

    (Are you seriously dog-shopping? Will that dog have a rival blog, or will you create a joint blog?)

  2. Puppies are too silly to blog. Roxie would never allow more than the occasional heavily edited post.

    Safe travels my pretties!

  3. Ridiculously happy holidays to you and you, Historiann and TR, two of our very favorite sister bloggers. Here's to all the virtual hell we will raise in the coming year!

    As for the puppy, well, I am keeping a close eye on the situation from my comfortable perch in what we might for lack of a better term call Heaven. I can't say the moms are seriously shopping yet, but they are seriously thinking about shopping. And, yeah, I don't see much chance of the puppy getting its own blog. Maybe a Twitter account or something, but y'all know this blogging stuff is pretty serious business. Can't trust it to a kid.

    Warm and wonderful holidays to you and yours, friends!

  4. Anonymous9:44 AM EST

    Lucy gives the poem two paws up--and wishes everyone (including puppies, if they keep their distance) a very happy new year!

    xoemd and lld


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