Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Transit

Paddington Station, London, 7/28/10

(Photo Credit: Moose, on her Canon G9)

The great queer family adventure of summer 2010 is underway, my pretties!  The moms and my brother Geoffrey have safely arrived in Cardiff after a smooth if cramped flight to London and a train ride that neither of the moms remembers.  An extremely embarrassing yet strangely wonderful photo of the moms doing synchronized, slack-jawed napping on the train is up on Facebook.  It won't be posted here, darlings.  Sorry -- You get the artsy-fartsy stuff.  Tired as she was, Moose thought Paddington Station looked beautiful in the early morning light and jumped off the train to snap this shot just moments before departure.

Oh, and for those of you who have been worried sick about Moose's recent battles with the fraud department of her bank, we are pleased to report she successfully withdrew funds from an ATM at Heathrow this morning.  Apparently, the dudez behind the sinister patriarchal plot to deny her access to her hard-earned money have realized she may not be breeder material after all.  Wooooeee! -- That was a close one, wasn't it?

Anyway, off to see the city, if we can convince Goose to stay vertical for awhile.  Peace out, darlings, and we hope it's pretty in your neck of the woods.  It's a postcard-perfect 66 degrees in Cardiff today.


  1. Candy Man9:42 AM EDT

    Mind that gap! And what about the top-up? :)


  2. Enjoy that Britainland place! Cheerio!

  3. Took care of the top-up, Candy Man, and Goose is activating the phone. Next: Driving on left side of road!

  4. Next: Driving on left side of road!

    Look out! AAAIEIEIEIEIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!


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