Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm With Shirley

(Image Credit: Ours came in the mail, but you can pick up something similar here. H/T: A well-mannered friend with two ambiguously gay dachshunds.)

We got nuttin for you today, kids, but love and the wisdom of Shirley. We're busy trying to figure out if the neighbors are Russian spies and how in the heck Roger Federer could have gotten so thoroughly whupped at Wimbledon. No, we are not watching the Kagan hearings, which so far appear to have proven that the nominee is an earnest smarty-pants and Jeff Sessions is a freeze-dried idiot, two things we already knew for sure.

Goose is re-arranging books on the shelves in her study. Moose is making plans for an upcoming trip to England and Wales (a mix of business, pleasure, and queer family adventure that will involve my sweet-as-pie brother Geoffrey). Meanwhile, out in the ridiculously large backyard, the six shyest fish in the universe are quietly circling the floor of my pond, trying to decide whether it's safe to come up for a bite of the food Moose keeps tossing their way. Yes, darlings, it's true -- the moms are pet owners again. You knew they would get back in the game of companion-species romance eventually, didn't you? Today it's six little fish, tomorrow -- Who knows?

That's life in Roxie's World on this last day of June, as a cool breeze finally blows through the strange, hot, oil-soaked summer of 2010. What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Listen to Shirley, beloveds, no matter where your travels take you. Girl knows how to have a good time.


  1. Tee-hee. Nice image! And nice expression: freeze-dried idiot. I'll be using that one next year, for sure.

    I hope you have a great trip, Moose, and that Goose doesn't adopt a cat while you're gone. . . poor fishies!

  2. Clarification: Goose is going on the trip with Moose (and Geoffrey). That's the queer family adventure part of the junket.

    And you are more than welcome to use the extremely handy expression "freeze-dried idiot" any time, Historiann. Moose came up with that somewhere in the middle of the Shrub years, I think.

  3. I plan on wearing all three of these outfits on our queer adventures. The outfit in the middle just screams "Oxford" to me!

  4. You are so right, Geoffrey -- and knits travel so well! You'll be the prettiest queen in England. ;-)

  5. I like how that cardigan buttons all the way up to the top. I have a bunch of preppy asshole v-neck cardigans, and it's always a pain in the fucking ass to find a fucking shirt to wear underneath that doesn't look shitty. The button-all-the-way dealio nicely obviates that concern.


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