Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moose on the Loose

(Check comments for something like an update on Moose's adventure. We're hoping for a proper post Wednesday evening. Thanks for all the good wishes for our roving reporter, kids!)

One cranky middle-aged woman.

One eye-catching, provocative, possibly risky tee-shirt.

With this image on one side:

And this on the other:

1887 miles of great American highway.

She vows to wear the shirt every day, everywhere. And to tell the readers of Roxie's World how people react to her . . . fashion statement.

Will she encounter birthers, wingnuts, and homophobes? Or sweet boys in unexpected places who sidle up next to her and whisper, "I like your shirt?" Desk clerks who ask why 1969 is significant, and, when she explains in her sweetest, most teacherly voice, look back with a smile and say, "Thank you! I learned something today?"

Bright and early Monday morning, Moose is off on an expedition (or, as Pooh and Piglet would insist, an expotition). She's going away for awhile to cleanse her soul, reconnect with her brain, breathe a different air, salvage -- or ruin -- her academic career. Where is she going? Some of you know. Heck, one of you gave her the keys to the kingdom, and for that we are truly, impossibly grateful. It doesn't really matter where she's going, though -- As someone once said, The end is nothing, the road is all. Just follow along and see what kind of adventures she has along the way. She'll report back here as time and internet connections allow.

It's a big country, people, with a million stories happening every minute. Let's see what kind of stories an old broad in a big gay tee-shirt can turn up for us. Wish her luck, and pray for good weather. Moose hates to drive in the rain. We'll play her off with a little Dylan, in keeping with the 60s theme of her wardrobe and her fantasy life. How does it feel, Moose, to be on your own? Especially when you've got a sweet old dog and a loyal helpmate waiting for you back home? How does it feel? Safe travels, Moose, and remember: A rolling stone is only a Skype away. Dogspeed.

(Big thanks to Geoffrey, who gave us the tee-shirts, in connection with this exhibit, and to qta, who helped work out the techno-glitches. Thank heaven for little queer boys.)


  1. <3

    Have a wonderful, productive, safe, and fun trip, Moose.

  2. Candy Man11:07 PM EDT

    Safe travels, Moose -- we'll miss you, but it's hard not to catch a bit of your energy/enthusiasm across the wires. Bon voyage, & lots of love!

  3. bon voyage!! (and we all want photos of you in that shirt next to unlikely people/place)...

  4. Taking breaks from driving every couple of hours to care for one's body might provide encounter times. Will ready get aways be needed? I hope not! I hope it is a journey of many kindly recognitions and many forms of solidarity and comradeship.

    You have them from me at least. With love.

  5. Hey Moose!
    Bon Voyage :) (popping a cork just for you and because it's afternoon somewhere)
    I hope that your travels bring you wisdom and enlightenment.
    Mush and face licks,

  6. Have safe travels! Looking forward to reading your posts along the way (no pressure huh!?). It's a fabulous country to drive across so take your time and breath in all the experiences that present themselves (well, maybe not ALL!). Hope you packed your snow boots...October snow is not unusual where you are headed!
    Bella's mom

  7. '69 or bust, baby! I'm so glad that I could play such a small part in your subversive peregrinations. Can't wait to hear all about the open road! Much, much, much love!

  8. Thanks for the good wishes, everybody. Day one of Moose's trip was smooth sailing under blue skies. She logged 597 miles and dined al fresco last evening with the Mother and Brother of the Moosians. So far, the only shirt-related comment came from the MotM, who said, "What's 1969 or 1969 or whatever that it?" She saw the shirt earlier this summer, but, hey, everything old is new again for the MotM.

    Driving into some rain today, kids. Wish her luck!

  9. Buen viaje! (The first one got away from me.) For the first 4-5 hours of any road trip, I like to listen to Ferron's Girl on a Road, non-stop. My beloved one won't tolerate this, but you're solitary trip will now be the subject of my fantasy life all day today! I'm firing up itunes and turning on Ferron!

  10. Moose has a long day of driving ahead of her today, kids, and her hotel internet connection is on the slow side, but she wanted to let you know that Day 2 of Moose on the Loose went well. The elderly lady who waited on her at the Holiday Inn last night did ask her about the 1969 on her shirt. "It was a good year, was it?" the woman said. Moose smiled and said, "Yes, a good year. Lots of important things happened." It was a small, quiet dining room. All of the other diners were men alone. Moose thought a detailed explanation of the Stonewall riots was probably not what they were looking for in the way of dinnertime entertainment.

    We're hoping for a more detailed report and a proper update this evening. Hit the road, Moose!

  11. Hey Moose & everyone,

    This is Goose, weighing in to say something about the first part of the week (before Moose arrived in Texas). Goose & the Rox miss Moose terribly, but we are fully supportive of her expotition and know that much good will come of it. C'mon Moose--you will be ADVANCING your career! Your work with Roxie is much more imaginative than what one tends to find on academic blogs, and your writing, well. . .that's one of the reasons I married you!!!

    So our dear Candy Man and his Mama took care of me earlier this week with a nightcap and a sleepover, and many of our friends are checking in with offers of food, wine, and so forth. The Rox has had a pretty good week, and she's grooving on the telecommuting.

    OK, gotta go read about Texas. . . .Moose on the Loose in Amarillo. Oh my goodness!!!


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