Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacay Photo Essay

The moms are deep into the happy stupor that results from salt air, excellent company, cold beer, and fried clams, which means a proper post is out of the question today, but here's a bit of vacation eye candy for those of you who just can't live without an update from America's favorite dog blog devoted to politics, pop culture, basketball -- and the joys of summer.

All photos by Moose. Where are my wandering companions? We won't say, though Moose's 254 Facebook friends can probably figure it out. They are staying in the quite extraordinary house pictured below, thanks to the generosity of dear old friends. It is a house with a history and a name, and it is done in the prairie style the moms adore, so they are doing their very best not to make messes or break things. Meanwhile, I am being cared for by a skilled platoon of dog lovers who love me enough to endure my nocturnal serenades and the assorted indignities of my advanced age.

Dog loves those who love dogs, kids, which means, of course, that dog loves YOU. Peace out, and we'll see you soon.


  1. feels relaxing even to the eyeballs.

  2. Wow--a very generous old friend indeed! Sweet vaycay home--I hope you're both/all having a blast.

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM EDT

    Wow! My mom wants to know if she can just pitch a tent by the hedge. How idylic! Even *I* can smell the salt air (even with my diminished olfactory capacity).

    My mom just got back from Abemarle County and a day in DC. I've been staying with my 2nd BFF in Wayne (Patrick - a Welsh Corgi) and can't wait to go home. I've had enough of Patrick's puppy energy! (He *is* cute though) Just gimme some ol' dawg to relax with on a hazy, hot and humid August day.

    Love, hugs and face licks to all of you!
    Enjoy the salt and sea:)


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