Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach Blanket Bingo

Angel has given her blessing, and a platoon of exceptionally caring caretakers has been lined up to keep watch o'er America's favorite dog blogger devoted to politics, pop culture, and basketball, so the moms are preparing to head out for a few days away at an undisclosed beach location. Posting may be light, as my portly dykes get in some much deserved down time and comb the beach looking for dead Kennedys, vacationing Obamas, and possibly marrying Clintons. (Think, think, think, close readers -- Where could they be going?)

We'll weigh in as we can, but if you're jonesing to know how totally effed-up the health-care debate is, keep your eye on this guy. Ready to contemplate the moral complexities of Afghanistan? Click here. Worried that somebody somewhere is disrespecting a woman or a fat person? Then you know you've got to go here. Overwhelmed by the gender politics of academe or craving some really cute cowgirl images? Then saddle up and get yourself right over here.

If, on the other hand, you're ready to check out, party down, liquor up, and fade away, then follow us over where these guys are going, dudes.

It's time to WIPE OUT!

We'll see you soon, kids. Peace out.


  1. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

  2. Have a great trip! Say "hi" to all of the Stars for us.

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