Monday, June 22, 2009

God Loves a Terrier

Watch this clip from the finest motion picture ever made so that you can understand how it is that America's favorite dog blogger devoted to politics, pop culture, and basketball is still ALIVE four weeks after my primary vet declared that I only had two weeks to live:

That's right, my darlings: God loves a terrier -- and a certain skinny but sweet-as-pie old terrier loves you, even if you aren't likely to hear much out of me for the next little while. My typist, as I mentioned recently, has not one but two conferences this week, one right here in our ridiculously large back yard and another off in the City of Big Shoulders. Posting will be light, but we will do our best to amuse and edify you as circumstances and paper preparation allow. Moose and I have made a deal: I promise to stay alive until she returns next Wednesday if she promises to tell the truth about who does all the work here in Roxie's World when she does all this big public yakking about the feminist literary pre-history of blogging. Wevs, kids -- She's gotta make a living, but we're hoping she can do it without indulging in too many stretchers.

Meantime, pray to the deity of your choice that Goose can manage to keep me alive for an entire week. Rest assured Moose is coaching her right now and will leave an extremely thorough set of directions, but we'd appreciate your support as well. Just because, well, you know, it can't hurt. You have to admit it would totally suck if I kicked the bucket while one of the moms was out of town.

Here's a couple of dog treats you can peruse while you wait for our next update:

Can Dogs Talk? Goose insists that they can. Moose is skeptical, though she allows that some of us are pretty good writers.

Are Old Dogs the Best Dogs? You know you won't get any arguments on that point around here. (Warning: The Office of Affect Management suspects that this article by Wa Po's Gene Weingarten will make you cry if you have ever known, seen, or thought about an old dog, but we are grateful to Kelly for passing it along to us anyway.)

Stay alive, kids, and stay in touch. Dog loves you.


  1. attagrrrrrrrl, Roxie - you stick in there, you best dog in the world.

  2. Roxie, darling--you are a wonder of the modern allopathic veternary world! Love to you, and lots and lots of ice cream--maybe it's the indulgences that are keeping you alive!

  3. YAY Roxarama! We knew you could do it ol' girl! We toasted you long and hard and on several occasions from your mom's favorite Parisian hang out -- La Bastide d'Odeon :) We are just back and had to check the blog before we called to set up a time to see the three of you gals xoxo

  4. Thanks, all y'all, and welcome back to the US of A, Dawn! The moms are jealous that you were back at La Bastide -- ooh la la!!! Give a buzz. I'm alive, for the time being, and Moose takes off tomorrow for Chicago and Indy. One conference down and one to go for her this week!

  5. Yes, God DOES love a terrier. How could she resist? And yes, we ARE jealous that you were back at La Bastide, one of our favorite spots on the planet! Do give a ring. As she wrote, ole Moose will be gone through next Wed, but perhaps we could get together soon thereafter???
    Goose, who can and will lovingly take care of the Roxster while Moose is gone

  6. Goose sez that she just put a comment SOMEWHERE. . .but it doesn't seem to have shown up here on Roxie's World (though that's where she intended for it to be. . .ah technology, which this week/this month has certainly made one doubt--the Metro accident? Air France?).

    Anyway. . .Roxie's World has been made sad, very sad, at the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett. (Roxie's typist is in Chicago, so Goose has been instructed to let the news go forth.) In Roxie's World, we are playing "Thriller," and we are watching the crowds in Paris take to the streets (in the wee, wee hours there).

    Thank you for the joy you gave, Michael. Thank you, Farrah, for refusing to be the "puff" actor so many thought your hair qualified you to be.

    We SALUTE you both. And send our love.


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