Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fifteen Candles

Yes, today is my birthday. Which means it's time once again to crank up the volume and sing along with Shiva the Singing Dog, who really ought to meet my groomer but still cracks me up every time:

How am I doing, you might wonder, as you ponder and celebrate the fact of my extraordinary longevity? Oh, it doesn't matter, kids. The embodied Roxie, as a loyal reader who knows me off-blog calls the "real" me, carries on, waging a dignified battle against the multiple indignities of old age, faithfully assisted by two cranky dykes who grow more diligent and creative every day in their efforts to accommodate my various infirmities. But you needn't trouble your happy selves with such unpleasant details. I eat, I poop, I blog -- and frequently vocalize into the gathering darkness with what a sleepy Moose has come to think of as "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." I am here, my darlings, and as far as you're concerned I always will be. Let's blow out the candles and sing. Together, we can keep the darkness at bay. I swear to dog.


  1. Happy birthday, my cute, lovely sis! I can't believe that I've known you for almost all of your life! Remember when we were both younger and sprier? When I used to chase you in the backyard to extricate the racquetball from your steel trap of a mouth?

  2. Ah. . .I remember you running from your older brother and trying to keep the ball away from him. Dear Rox, you are simply the best. Thank you for 15 glorious, marvelous, fun-filled years--here's to a great long life.

  3. My precious niece (and prima, since Tona wants to leave her paws on this),

    We've been thinking about you all day -and celebrated, 'cause some tender lamb was crying for a compassionate oven and some caramelized onions.

    We miss you oceans and love you planets. No crisis is going to make us save any loving energy to generously pour it all over you and your moms for such dedicated long friendship.

    Wish you many more with your wits and musical ideas all intact.

    Con amor, aunt ISA & cousin Tona


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