Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary's Triumph???

(Photo Credit: Doug Mills, New York Times)

Just don't call her the Comeback Kid. Oh, fuck it, why not? NBC has just called New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton!

Message to Mainstream Media: Drop Dead. (That means you, Chris Matthews. Bring me my cattle gun!)

Message to Pollsters: Huh????

Message to the Women Voters of New Hampshire: THANK YOU!!!!

Message to America: The first woman or the first African-American president -- It's a good choice to have. GAME ON, CITIZENS, GAME ON!


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM EST

    Didja see this, Roxie:

    Yeesh. I had no idea it had gotten this bad. Must. Escape. The 19thC. More. Often.

    Bet the Moms are outta control tonight. Wheee! Enjoy!

  2. You do, DEB -- especially if you're still thinking about voting for Edwards! Go read that Katha Pollitt piece we added into the update on "Hillary's Tears." Call us if you're still considering Edwards.

    The moms are insane tonight. I mean, we used the F-word in a post -- THAT is a first! And, they've drained two bottles of wine on a Tuesday night -- which is probably not a first but it is, a little, unusual.

  3. Anonymous7:03 AM EST

    Hi Roxie, I know the F word is used to extinction on the net, but on your blog it had a very surprising and effective lift for me last night, when Hill won!

    Daily Kos was rooting for Hillary's horse from the opening bell last night and he too had to dig down dirty to express his excitement , he said --

    "So there's a huge gender gap. Massive. Apparently, women didn't take kindly to people beating up on Hillary for -- gasp! -- tearing up. Can you believe it? In a way, this is a nice middle finger to that bullshit double standard."


  4. Thanks, RA. In the sober light of morning, we're feeling a bit sheepish about the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling that resulted in the very first appearance of the F word in a post here in our "family"-friendly blog, but we are glad that you appreciated it in the context of that giddy moment. We are also THRILLED that Kos and others in the progressive blogosphere are stepping back from some of the mindless Hillary-hating and Obama-worship that had taken hold. That is a most welcome development.


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