Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy F-ing New Year!

Okay, fans, here is one last goofy holiday photo of me. I promise that soon your favorite dog blogger will return to such weighty subjects as Mary Cheney's pregnancy and the prospects of the Maryland men's basketball team developing a consistent perimeter defense in time for ACC conference play. In the meantime, we here at Roxie's World wish you and yours a joyous start to 2007. We hope that you partied heartily last night and then blissfully slumbered your way into the new year. We did. We slept til noon and Goose is just now getting the black-eyed peas on the stove. (That's her quaint Southern way of assuring good luck for the new year. Moose and I just think it's yummy!) Here's a short, random list of resolutions we've made here at Roxie's World for 2007. Feel free to weigh in with your own proposals and plans. The year is brand new, and hope is a thing with feathers, so may your dreams take flight as 2007 gets underway.

  • Give Dems a Chance: We are resolved not to go all snarky and finger-pointy on the new Democratic leadership five minutes after they take charge. They've been left with a huge mess to clean up and not many good options or resources for doing so. We won't be mindlessly loyal or uncritical, but we hope lefties won't be too quick to put everyone in a circle and start firing their guns.
  • Keep on Blogging: In March, Roxie's World will be one year old! We are resolved to go on being the Best Darn Dog Blog Devoted to Politics, Pop Culture, and Basketball in the whole blogosphere. We promise our legions of loyal fans to continue holding forth on our eclectic mix of topics with the unique left-wing dog-on-a-couch-watching-TV perspective you've come to know and love. Bookmark us. Link to us. Click on us. We will not let you down.
  • Bladder Control: My health has been great recently, thank you for asking. My heart disease is being effectively managed through the combination of meds that my sweet Portuguese cardiologist recommended. My energy levels lately have been high--Just ask the squirrels in our yard if you don't believe me! The best news from a family quality-of-life perspective is that my tinkle problem has also been under control in the past few weeks. My moms have gotten so confident that they even stopped putting the trash bag and the beach towel on our bed at night (the "sautee kit," as Moose calls it). We are resolved not to leak this year--and I bet we'll be better at it than the Bush White House was before its vaunted "discipline" melted away in the stew of its incompetence.
Happy New Year, beloved denizens of Roxie's World. Make peace happen, please.

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