Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Have Yourself a Meta Little Christmas

I have no idea what the title to this post means. Moose dictated it to me while rolling on the floor laughing at the video of the yule log (which she and Goose watched all day long on Christmas day) running on the TV above our fireplace, where an actual fire burned all day long, even though it was pretty darn warm if you ask me, but nobody did. They were too busy laughing and cooking, which just made everything hotter.

Anyway, now they're off at the Modern Language Association convention, which is god's way of punishing all those secular humanist English profs for not believing in the baby Jesus or Santa Claus. For three days every December, when all the normal people in the world are still stuffing themselves and musing bitterly over all the things they got for Christmas that they didn't really want, god locks the professors into a huge hotel to argue about the relationships between words and things and assorted other weird ideas. Why my moms would choose to do that when they could just sit in the comfort of their own home and laugh hysterically over the relationship between real fires and pictures of fires (and pictures of pictures of fires) while making their beloved dog wear reindeer ears is beyond me, but perhaps I am missing something. I don't have a PhD, and dogs lag considerably behind humans when it comes to yakking endlessly about impenetrable mysteries.

Still, I will miss them, and I probably won't be able to do anymore blogging until the new year. Rest up, friends of Roxie's World, and if you have any deep thoughts on the relationship between words and things, by all means, please send them along.


  1. Hola Roxie,
    I know that your Moms always find great babysitters for you whenever they leave town, so I hope that you are enjoying some mahvelous home-cooked meals while they are away. I just wanted to let you and your Moms know that I am back in Tulsa. The news from the holidays is that Lynnie and I were rear-ended in Plainfield, Indiana, the airbags deployed, and your Auntie is pretty banged up and HRH's car was totalled, but thankfully your cousins were NOT in the backseat, and we're glad to be home again. Tell your Moms hello for me and tell them to enjoy that new, sleak ride. It looks super cool ;)
    Auntie Faye

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM EST

    Hey, how about that? Stephanie Miller just reran the Apology to Roxie and Roxie's World Blog Announcement episode!

  3. Hey, thanks, Dudley! Perhaps that means I also made Steph's Best of 2006 List!!

    The moms are back from MLA, thank goodness, and preparing to greet the new year.

    Very sorry to hear that you were in an accident, Auntie Faye. Hope you're feeling better and that you and the big dogs will ring in a happy new year down there in Tulsa. Take Care, All.

  4. Anonymous9:10 PM EST

    Hey Roxie, We can't wait to see you. And we thought today's title was HILARIOUS. You and Moose look pretty happy in the picture (reindeer ears included) in front of your fire in front of your television fire...well, it's just all so meta. Anyway, Danny and Billy say "HI!"
    ...and keep jumpin'


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