Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sweet Shiloh: R. I. P.

Shiloh was a cousin of mine, sweetest little terrier mix to ever grace the heart of Texas. He lived in Austin with my uncle Bobby and aunt Judy Smith. He was sixteen years old and died yesterday of a stroke in the midst of the big chill that has hit the Lone Star state recently. We never met, technically, but when I was a wee pup he and his brother Quincy sent me a bone made out of tightly woven colorful thread. I chewed and chewed and chewed that bone. I played tug with that bone and dragged it from one end of the house to the other. For all my hard work, I never managed to destroy it. That bone is somewhere in this house yet, just as Shiloh's presence still lingers with uncle Bobby and aunt Judy and anybody who ever knew him. He's pictured here with little Wesley, one of the more recent loves of his long life. Shiloh was a great kid dog--always gentle, always fun, always ready for a snuggle.

Travel on, little Shiloh. We will miss you here, but we are grateful for all the time and all the love we had with you. Safe journey, sweet cousin. Safe home.


  1. Sweet Roxie, you are right that Shiloh was a great little guy. When I would visit Austin and feel really, really homesick for you and Moose, Shiloh would, until the last couple of years, always get up in bed with me. And then there's the family story of him licking himself in the middle of the night and waking up your aunt Janice, and cousins Jennifer and Jarod. What a funny little guy. This past fall when I was there, he did not sleep with me, but one morning he did wander into the bedroom and let me hold him for a few minutes. That meant a lot to me, esp. since I was missing you so much. Maybe this spring we can plant something to honor Shiloh and the god Spike and the holy child Lily. If bluebonnets would grow in this part of the world, we could plant those, but I don't think they fare too well around here.

    I love you, Roxie, and every day with you is yet another gift. I am glad you have proved to be such a Braveheart.
    --Your Goose

  2. Anonymous2:52 PM EST

    "If dogs don't go to heaven, I want to go where they go" -- Will Rogers.


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