Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mirror, Mirror

Moose has been having a lot of fun playing with Photo Booth, the cool toy on the sweet little MacBook Goose bought for their trip to Paris. They call it the "baby computer" because it's small and lives in the pantry. That way, it's convenient for finding recipes or conducting emergency Google searches to answer such burning questions as, "Which American president lived longest?" (Give up? Ray-Gun.)

Anyway, Moose used Photo Booth to snap this mirror image of her current favorite tee-shirt. (You can buy "Stop Bitching Start a Revolution" tee-shirts and bumperstickers here.) She gets a kick out of wearing this shirt and watching the reactions it elicits from people in various places. Takoma Park Farmers' Market? Lots of grins and one guy who launched into a lengthy explanation of the artists who sell these tee-shirts at venues in the greater Washington area. Paris Metro? A few quizzical (but not disapproving) looks and a lonely ex-pat who said "I like your shirt" and spent the next 45 minutes talking to Moose and Goose about politics, conspiracy, and the conveniently sudden death of convicted Enron CEO Ken Lay. Moose is considering wearing this shirt on the first day of class next week, when she'll face 215 eager young college students who have signed up for her lecture course in Literature by Women. Or maybe she'll wait and wear the shirt when she teaches Margaret Cho's brilliant, hilarious Revolution. Why not? She has tenure. She can risk offending a handful of students if she thinks she might inspire a handful of others to dare to dream of a different world.

After all, she's a teacher in the mold of her favorite cinematic heroine, Fraulein Maria. Climb every mountain, ford every stream, start a revolution, and you'll find your dream. Sing along, friends of Roxie's World. We know you know the words!

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