Friday, August 18, 2006

Brave Heart

No, my title is NOT a tasteless reference to the recent trials and tribulations of actor Mel Gibson. It is a happy reference to my recent trip to see my cardiologist, Dr. Braz-Ruivo. He did an echocardiogram on my heart (similar to what you see in the image at left) and declared that my heart disease has not gotten any worse since he last saw me. That is great news. It vindicates my moms' decision to take me off Lasix, which, you may recall, everyone in our household hated (because it made me lethargic and incontinent). The doctor was a little upset when he first heard I had been off it since May, but after he saw the echo he said, "Well, I never intended to keep her on Lasix permanently, of course."

We like Dr. Braz-Ruivo a lot. He has a sweet voice that bubbles with laughter and a Portuguese accent that makes everything sound pretty. He always remembers that my moms teach English and tilt to the left politically. I don't like all the yucky procedures he makes me endure (as a bonus yesterday, for example, I even had to get my toenails trimmed, which I hate), but it's kind of pleasant to lie on a table in the dark and listen to him and my moms tell stories and jokes while pictures of my heart flash up on his computer screen. He has a really nice assistant named Linda who holds me while the machines are doing their work and gives me treats afterwards. My moms pet my face and tell me what a good dog I am. Sometimes that calms me down. Sometimes I do my terrier trembling thing, but all that love does a heart good. The echo proves it!

For now the doctor says just to keep doing what we're doing, and we'll re-assess again in six months. Sometimes "staying the course" really is the wisest thing to do. And sometimes, alas, it isn't. More on that soon, but for now let's put our paws together and celebrate two things: my good report and my big brother Geoffrey's 35th birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Boy!!!!


  1. Congrats Roxie!!! That is great news indeed. And a big birthday shout-out to Geoffrey!

  2. Thanks, dear sis, and Damion! And my legs thank the vet tech assistant for clipping your nails. I know that your love is indelible, but not literally!

  3. Roxie, you are the best and funniest dog. And I think we should send your sweet doctor an email so he can see your report on HIM! And isn't Linda the best-est toenail cutter?


  4. Anonymous4:26 PM EDT

    Dear Roxie,
    As a first time poster, let me say what a wonderful sweet dog you are and how happy I am to hear you are doing well. Obviously it is because your vet is PORTUGUESE! So when you see our vet next, tell him "Obrigada!"
    A Roxie fan with three dogs of her own!

  5. Anonymous8:17 PM EDT

    This is great news, Roxie! But I'm getting crossed eyes from trying to get my head around the idea of a "lethargic terrier."

    Dudley the Beagle

  6. Roxie, this is your old friend Margie. I haven't been by recently because I am with my frail aging mother -- I think you can identify, well maybe not with that 'frail' part. I am sorry to have been out of touch recently but just visited your blog to check up on you. While it is already the 30th, I did want to write to tell you how relieved I am with all this news.

    Of course, I knew how much better you were from my last visits. As you trotted down the hallway towards me when I walked through the door, tail wagging happily, and then jumping up in my face repeatedly and licking my nose, you know, all of that told me that all is well. So did your ear-piercing bark as you announced my arrival to your moms. It's good to have you back, old friend, after the scare of this summer.

    I was privileged to be one of your care-takers, to learn how to wrap your medications in that rather disgusting Braunschweiger ball twice a day and have you take it from my hand and lick my fingers -- ummmmm, good! These are the things that seal a relationship.

    I will see you soon, favorite pooch! I come back to Maryland next week. You be good until then. I will look forward to those nose licks!



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