Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Give Peace a Chance

Ned Lamont wins in Connecticut! Joe Lieberman proves that he is a sanctimonious, disloyal jerk by immediately announcing that the voters' desires matter less than his. He will run as an independent.

Message for Dems: Run for peace. Run with the people. Run for energy independence and health care and civil liberties and a new course of action in foreign policy. Run away from Joe and the Democratic Losership Council. Run with Ned!

Here's a good piece on the implications of Lamont's victory and Leiberman's selfish course of action. Roxie's World would declare Lieberman an official bad dog if we hadn't already used that title twice in recent weeks.

Feel like jumping on the Lamont bandwagon? Here's Lamont's website. Send him a check. He'll need it if he has to fight off TWO Republicans in the general election.


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM EDT

    Hey, Mayor of Sligo! Glad you are watching the events in CT. Some of our mom's family is there, and we suspect they are die-hard Lieberman supporters. NOT a topic we discus.

    Btw, your constituent, Beanie, was mauled by a husky. She's recovering now, her sutures were removed today, and she is in solidarity with you as another vet of vet care.

    Beanie and Engee Schoen

  2. Gosh, Beanie, I'm so sorry to hear that you got mauled! Did this happen out on our trail? Has the husky been taken into custody? We should charge him w/ something and put him on trial. Did his human let him run off leash? If so, the human has to go on trial, too! Hope you're feeling better.

  3. Anonymous10:35 PM EDT

    What kind of dog is a Lieberman? It's not a breed I've ever heard of. I'm guessing it's some kind of hound, because hounds can be terribly stubborn. (We beagles make up for it by being adorable. That's "adorable" in the religious sense: "worthy of adoration.") But facts are facts, and we hounds do go off on the wrong track occasionally.

    My human says dogs don't understand democracy. We operate hierarchically, and we need to know who is alpha (the boss) and who is in the middle (everyone else) and who is going to be the poor little omega who gets pushed around and is the bottom of the pack. Well, maybe I don't understand democracy, but after living in a couple of different beagle packs, I understand politics. I've been tracking this story, and I think I may have it figured out.

    Based on what my person says, the voters are supposed to be alpha. But the Lieberman hound forgot that and thinks he's the alpha. So when the voters told him to go to his crate, he refused and told them to go to THEIR crate. Ooooh!

    He needs to rethink. If the voters remember that they're the alpha, the Lieberman hound may find himself the poor little omega. Ouch!

    P.S. I tried an independent run once, and, well, the less said about how that worked out, the better.


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