Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stained Glass

Oh, look. Another pretty. pic. for the Glass. and. Glasses. Collection. The Department of Tropes and Leisure will be thrilled. They love nothing better than a theme party.

(Photo Credit: Moose, on her iPhone, somewhere in Jersey, 2/20/11)

Sweet dreams, my pretties. It's late Sunday night, and the moms have had a long, happy weekend visiting the dearest of dear friends back in their old stomping grounds. The winds were fierce, but the company was grand. Time to catch some Zs and get ready for the work week.

Peace out, and may you be rich in friends to whom you would say, "Grow old along with me."
Whatever fate decrees,
We will see it through,
For our love is true
Dog bless our love. Dog bless our love.


  1. LOVE this. It was a wonderful weekend, restorative, tender, fun. . .even when nearly being whisked away by the wind! Yes, we will see it true, for our love is true. . . .Dog bless,

  2. Love the idea of how many circles of connection are possible to claim in "grow old along with me." And I just wrote "glow old" and then "blow old" (see, that's what old means), and all of them work. Hugs friends!


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