Thursday, September 02, 2010

Campus Parking

It's evidently Toyota Week in the Academic Fem/Dyke Blogosphere. Historiann got a new pre-owned Prius that comes with special parking privileges out there at Baa Ram U. Tenured Radical has a new Corolla that bears a suspicious resemblance to her old Corolla, but we probably shouldn't mention that because we learned it from Facebook and not from the blog and TR is evidently having some issues with FB and we wouldn't want to say anything to stoke her ambivalence because we'd miss her on FB if she were to give it up. Sh-h-h, don't tell her we told you about the car!

Anyhoo, kids, here is our contribution to Toyota Week in the Academic Fem/Dyke Blogosphere:

(Photo Credit: Moose on her iPhone, campus of QTU, 9/02/10)

Yep: Three little Priuses all in a row, baking in the scorching early September sun on the campus of QTU. No special parking privileges necessary, thank you. We are East Coast liberal elitists who require no rewards for socially responsible consumption other than that smug sense of superiority we have every time we go wind-surfing. Oh, and the silver pine mica 2007 Prius smack dab in the middle of the photo? That is, of course, the Official 4-Door Vehicle of Roxie's World, sporting a brand new rear bumper since the moms checked the last item off the long list of maintenance and repair they went through this summer. They regretted letting go of the Hillary 2008 sticker they still had proudly affixed to the old bumper, but they have a hunch that the way things are going they might have a chance to slap an Obama/Clinton sticker on the green machine in 2012. We'll see, won't we, darlings?

That's it for now, my pretties. More soon on how Moose's return to the classroom and other strange realities of Life After Leave is going. Meanwhile, you know, what's in your driveway? Peace out.


  1. I don't like Priussae -- there are better environmental options with clean diesel and no battery nonsense. Besides, I'd be scared up here it would rain, short circuit, and blow me to pieces.

  2. Thanks for the link, friend! I'm enjoying my new Prius. It actually has fabulous new (to me) technologies, like windows that go up and down with the push of a button, and a CD player, and a jack for my i-Pod! Will wonders never cease?

    I feel like I've been driving a Dodge from the 1940s compared to my new-used wheels.

    Good luck with the post-leave decompression (or recompression?), Moose.

  3. Shouldn't the official fem/dyke vehicle be a big fucken Harley or a pick-up trucke or something?? Fucken shittie little Priuses? For realz?

  4. Fem/dyke could also be rendered "femme dyke."

  5. It's all Subarus around here. We get together for dinner and it's like a sales convention. :)

  6. Two years ago, we bought a bright red Ford Ranger in a campy gesture of redneck/Southern lesbian solidarity. I got many compliments from plumbers and construction workers, and had the added benefit of watching an elite Northeastern Faulkner scholar try to climb in and out of it. Alas, it was totalled in an accident this summer (though thankfully no one was hurt, including us). We just took the plunge and bought a new Subaru Outback. I now feel like a tenured yuppie sell-out. But I do love that car.


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