Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy

Nothing much to say, kids.  It's the quiet season in Roxie's World, the late summer calm preceding the storm of a new semester, which begins at Queer the Turtle U two weeks from tomorrow.  The moms are slipping into that hushed, reflective mode that means they are thinking deep thoughts -- like, you know, Where is it I'm supposed to park this year? and Do I really have enough clothes to get through 15 weeks of standing up in front of people every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon?  Ah, the life of the mind.

Anyhoo, here's a pretty pic Moose snapped out in the ridiculously large backyard on Friday afternoon.  The fish have all died again, but the hardy water lily in the pond (Nymphaea "Indiana" it's called) has survived the brutal heat of this strange summer and is finally putting out some blooms.  That makes Moose happy.  She thinks there's been entirely too much dying going on of late and is pleased to see signs of life, strength, endurance.  Peace out, my pretties, and may the ides of August find you feeling strong and ready for whatever the new school year will bring.  May you be as hardy as the water lily and as lovely, too.

(Photo Credit:  Moose, 8/13/10)


  1. Yes, I've been thinking about clothes, too and ALMOST ordered some new dudes online, but then decided I could get by with the same rotation as spring semester supplemented by my snazzy summer wardrobe of five $5 tees from Old Navy. I'm going to save my shekels for a proper suit if I'm ever on the job market. Welcome back, by the way. Jet lag all gone?

  2. Drat. That should be of course duds, not dudes, which I don't order online.

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM EDT

    I don't know, Julie. We might need to inspect your interweb records.


  4. Candy Man7:05 PM EDT

    Poor John, Paul, Ringo.... maybe it's time for plastic? Aaron might recommend a lego fish or two.


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