Monday, August 09, 2010

Photo Smackdown, Part Deux

Ways of Seeing St. Paul's

(For Part One, go here.)

Dog-Eared Book proposed a second round in the photo smackdown between Moose and Geoffrey to settle the question of who could take the most creative (i.e., offbeat) tourist shot.  Part Deux finds our gay globetrotters spending the last day of their two-week trip on the south bank of the Thames, cruising through the fabulous Tate Modern.  Interestingly, without any planning or consultation, both of our shutterbugs took kinda quirky shots of one of the most prominent features of the London skyline, St. Paul's Cathedral, on the north bank almost directly across from the Tate.

We are going to leave the analysis and the voting all up to you, kids.  Our travelers have to pack and get themselves to the airport tomorrow morning, and tomorrow morning will reach them in London long before it reaches most of you.  So, tell us what you like here, readers, and why.  Winner gets a free pint of whatever s/he wants at any bar in Heathrow's Terminal 3.

Geoffrey's Entry:  Or, What I Learned in the Voyeurism Exhibition:

(Yes, that is a weary Goose and Moose, contemplating the long walk back to the hotel to get ready for a night at the theater -- oops, dahlings, we meant theatre, of course.)

Moose's Entry:  Up and Down, Over and Under

(Yes, that is the famous Millennium Bridge that takes pedestrians back and forth across the Thames with ease.)

On your marks, get set, discuss!

See you soon on the other side of the pond, darlings.  It has been a wonderful trip, but the wisdom of Ms. Dorothy Gale still holds:  There's no place like home, and we look forward to getting there.  Peace out.


  1. i'll abstain, except to ask why, why, why did you not title your entry "top/bottom"??? i will also abstain from explaining which entry i'm talking about.

  2. I have to say I'm partial to the top photo it is sort of a Yankee/Anglican/lesbertarian Gothic.
    Safe travels home! We're cooking up some hot and steamy days to welcome you back to the swamp.

  3. Love both photos, but the top one wins: feels like an end of the vacation sort of photo (goodbye to all that, hello home).

  4. dog-eared book10:10 PM EDT

    They're both great, but I love the three domes in Geoffrey's photo -- there's something hilarious about St. Paul's fitting inside either/ both your heads. I think we have a winner!

  5. Candy Man8:38 AM EDT

    I'm enjoying the fun of Geoffrey's voyeurism just outside the "Exposed!" exhibit. We sat in those very seats with our class and discussed contemporary queer British poetry! Then we walked across the bridge....

    Save travels, ya'll -- looking forward to stories in person.


  6. Nope, the second photo is the one. I always go for quality, and the contrast and colors are much better. Fun to look at!

  7. @kb: We did a post, once upon a time a long time ago, called "Top to Bottom." It was about Rachel Maddow. Too bad we didn't think about re-using it here.

    @Julie, Annie Em, Dog-Eared Book, and Candy Man: We definitely see the appeal of Geoffrey's shot. When he first posted it to Facebook, Moose laughed for, oh, about 15 minutes straight late at night in a London hotel room. It scores points for queer wit and for serving as a nice visual coda to the trip.

    @Urban Exile: Welcome to Roxie's World! My typist thanks you for your keen eye for aesthetics. She was pleased with this shot on those grounds, too, though she expected to lose this round of the smackdown for the reasons noted above. Sometimes art loses out to sentiment, even among our high-falutin' readers.


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