Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sweet Thames . . .

. . . run softly, while our American readers slowly awaken on a summer Sunday morning.

Good morning, my pretties.  We've got some photos for you of the lovely river that runs through this charming old university townThe conference is over, and the moms and Geoffrey train back to London this afternoon for two more nights of urban fun before heading home.  We'll catch up with you soon, honor bright.

Meantime, have a little eye candy and enjoy your sabbath.

Thames Foot Path, 8/5/10

Oxford Canal Path at Plough Inn, Wolvercote, 8/5/10

 Punts at Cherwell Boathouse, 8/5/10

(Photo Credits:  Moose)

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  1. The excellent john thaw enjoyed a pint at the plough in a few episodes of morse. You have a knack for finding the best spots..


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