Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This Impossibly Beautiful Morning . . .

. . . happens to be my Aunt Katie's birthday. Katie loves growing things, and so we celebrate her on this lovely day with a snapshot of a pretty little something from the ridiculously large back yard. It's a rhododendron, in case you are wondering, and that is the limit of my typist's horticultural knowledge, so please don't ask for any further detail.

Happy birthday, beloved friend. May today's splendid sunshine be a harbinger of beauty and warmth for you in the coming year.

(Photo Credit: Moose, 5/5/10)


  1. How Lovely Rox! I will never forget your running around the yard when you were very tiny and it seemed to extend forever!

    May all our gardens include Roxies of the heart in many forms, and your spirit keep us laughing about how large the world can be!

  2. Is Katie King really your aunt? Because that is really cool.

  3. Hey Katie,

    Goose here, and Happy HAPPY Birthday! Do you remember when the little Rox jumped all over you while running around the backyard and may have put a little rip in your skirt and you just laughed and laughed?

    With love,

  4. TR: Katie King is really my aunt if by "really" you mean queerly, affectively, and by virtue of long alliance and deep affinity -- in other words, by the rules of kinship that govern Roxie's World. And, yes, that IS really cool. :-)

  5. Katie is my affective roommate!

  6. AWWW!! My affect-ions to you all! Let's all stroll on down to Ishmael's and have a mojito and a little ceveche with Mark Twain.... We can recite bits from The Diary of Adam and Eve and Steve and Ellen....


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