Monday, November 02, 2009

In the Land of the Moosians

Moose and the Thinking Woman are now just 597 miles from Roxie's World! That's right, kids. They arrived in Moose's home state at around 3 this afternoon after two and a half long days on the road. TW has been a fine traveling companion -- quiet but congenial, curious about the changing surroundings (Geez, she was heard to mutter at one point, Missouri is really tacky!), able to go for hundreds of miles without a potty break.

By dinner time tomorrow, we're hoping all the old and new bitches of Roxie's World will be together, raising paws and glasses in celebration and snuggling and hugging and getting bronze heads and fuzzy tummies rubbed.

Thanks for all your good thoughts for our happy wanderers. We'll be back to regular blogalicious programming soon. Meantime, may your skies be blue and your highways litter-free. Safe home to each and all.

(Photo Credits: Moose on the Loose, End of No Place, IN, 11/2/09)


  1. Sorry I will be leaving as you arrive. But I will see you next week when you've settled in again.

    Drive safe, and the miles will dissolve!

  2. She's looking happier and more confident by the minute! Safe travels to you both, and have the most spectacular of homecomings!


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