Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Creatures Comfort

(Photo Credit: Linda Davidson, Washington Post)

Here's the caption that ran on this photo in the Post: "Virginia Tech student Cody Diggs, pictured here with his Weimaraner Willie, said that after he heard about the shootings, he came home and just hugged his dogs."

Proving once again what we are so fond of saying here in Roxie's World: DOG IS LOVE.

Here is the story about how Cody and a couple of his buddies, who didn't know any of the victims in the Virginia Tech massacre or witness it, are trying to figure out how to feel and what to do in its aftermath. Paws up to the Post for its sensitive coverage of the shootings and the early stages of mourning and recovery. The stories have been moving but not cheaply sentimental, though I'm sure some cynics would say sad-boy-with-dog photos are about as sentimental as it gets. Fortunately, there are no such cynics in Roxie's World.

Peace out, kids. Moose can't type anymore tonight. She's thinking it's time to sit down and read the book she's teaching tomorrow.

P.S. The moms actually did go to Petsmart and get two new fish for us on Sunday, so we're back to the full Fab Four, though Moose and I can't tell Paul from George yet. We also put a net over the pond to protect the fish from marauding heron, at least until our plants leaf out.

P.P.S. Special thanks to Damion for tech assistance on this post. We bow before your skill at Image Appropriation -- and so much more.


  1. You are more than welcome Roxie. Anything to help spread the word the DOG IS LOVE!

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM EDT

    Thanks for a great post, Roxie! But as for the picture--well, what IS he supposed to do when he's sad? Why is a picture of a young man with his dog sentimental, but a picture of a young man hugging friend isn't?

    It's been proven that petting a dog helps. Heck, now they even bring in therapy dogs after disasters, because rescue workers need that kind of support. But humans who live with their own dog are just that much more prepared to deal with stuff, right?

    (Yeah, OK, it's true for cats too...I guess. Not sure about fish. But I'm suspect having fish in the pond makes a dog happier and more prepared to deal with stuff, so congratulations on the new koi!)

  3. Goldfish-petting may or may not be sentimental, but it is definitely not recommended. One of the great tragedies of Moose's childhood involved the untimely demise of a fish named Cleo whom Moose, in her youthful enthusiasm, had repeatedly taken out of its bowl to pet. I am allowed to kiss my fish when I bump into them while drinking out of the pond, but no petting is allowed.

  4. I wish I were that dog . . .

  5. Anonymous10:45 PM EDT

    Bad, bad G-boy. Keep your paws off that sweet sad fellow.


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