Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bring 'em ON

Bring on the ghosts and goblins who will come to the door tonight. I am ready to greet them in my beautiful wizard costume, thanks to my young friend Aaron, who made his daddies buy me this fabulous get-up last year. Normally, I object to dogs being made to dress up for the entertainment of humans, but I'm willing to make an exception in this case, because there just isn't enough cuteness in the world.

Bring on the mud and the fear-mongering and the spooky voices Republicans will use to try to terrorize voters into staying home or extending their reign of control of all three branches of government. Way down deep in the bottom of my leaky heart, I believe the American people have had enough and are looking past the smoke and mirrors. This time, turn-out will not be Mr. Rove's friend, and it won't be possible to steal enough votes to turn back the tide of change.

Bring on those old-fashioned ideas about checks and balances, transparency and accountability in government. Last week, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters to "back off" when they dared to raise questions about Iraq. Soon, let us hope that Rumsfeld himself will be forced to "back off" from his disastrous leadership of a failed military adventure.

Most importantly, bring HOME the good men and women who have put their lives and bodies on the line for a country whose leaders have sold them out every inch of the way. Bring them home, and we will spend the rest of our lives trying to make amends and explaining how we let it happen.

Peace to you all, friends of Roxie's World, and happy Halloween.


  1. Oh. My. God. That is so cute, sis, I want to saw off my arm.

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM EST

    Happy Halloween, Roxie!
    I love you in your wizard costume! I hope that your magic wand works wonders on the voters in a week and using your magic will make every vote count (I do truly have faith that the American people will take care of the voting - so long as every vote is counted accurately and quickly). I've made loads of calls for MoveOn.org this last weekend and will make more calls this coming weekend - I encourage all Roxie fans to do the same. I sent to you (via your mom, Moose) a couple of photos that you might like to add to your blog, dear Roxie. Take good care and don't charge the door when the doorbell rings (as your very bad cousin Dylan does every time somebody comes to the door - he might have to spend this evening in the garage!). Enjoy your Halloween - I trust that your Moms got you plenty of good treats!
    Auntie Faye

  3. won't let me post about politics, even tho she goes around rallying and making speeches. No religion, no politics and no french.

    You have to check out my friend Wally's blog. He did an excellent salute to political ghosts and goblins!

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Welcome back, Buster! I can't believe your human won't let you post about politics. I have a hard time getting my moms to let ME post about DOGS. ;-) I will go look at Wally's blog, though.

    And thank you, Auntie Faye, for the fun photos and the political encouragement. Moose is upset this morning because a new poll shows the Maryland governor's race tightening!


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