Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pity Party

Pity poor Barney, held hostage by the "leader" of the "free" world and his highly medicated wife. (Don't you think Bush looks fat in this picture? Moose and I do. We bet there's a cooler full of beer hidden somewhere in the Oval Office and the "Decider" has been the "Imbiber" lately.)

Pity poor Moose, who has a bad cold and a head that feels like the back wheels of a fully loaded semi have been rolling back and forth across it for the past twenty four hours.

Pity poor ME, because I've got my annual skin allergy to autumn leaves, which means that I've spent an inordinate amount of time licking myself lately rather than blogging. This, I realize, is a huge disappointment to my legions of fans, but bear with us. Y'all should be out knocking on doors for progressive candidates anyway. (Or, if, like Moose, you don't feel like leaving the house this weekend, volunteer for Move On's Call for Change program.)

Pity both me and Moose, who have been without the company of our beloved Goose for almost an entire week! She has been in Texas visiting family and attending a conference, while we have been here sniffing and licking and tinkling on the rugs and eating take-out food and hoping that none of the technology in the household breaks down. We are lonely as clouds and eagerly awaiting her return tomorrow. We took a vote and have decided to revoke her travel privileges, unless, of course, she takes us with her next time to some canine-friendly destination.

And speaking of canine-friendly, here's a wonderful story about the incredible new animal shelter that has just been built by the Washington Animal Rescue League. The idea behind it is that a posh, peaceful environment will help animals recover from trauma and abuse and make them less aggressive, more relaxed, and therefore more adoptable. I am pleased to give the Rescue League a Five-Paw Rating and a Roxie's World Seal of Approval for smart, compassionate plan that is likely to result in healthier animals finding the loving homes they deserve. Hip-hip-HOORAY!

Okay, Moose says it's time to stop typing and get horizontal. The semi is starting to roll over her head again. Ouch!

P.S. Need a little more inspiration for ending the "pity party" of liberal politics in the US? Read this powerful piece by Kevin Tillman, brother of NFL star Pat Tillman, who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004. Kevin calls on fellow citizens to honor Pat by voting for change on November 7--the day after his late brother's birthday. (With thanks to Auntie Faye for pointing out this moving call to action.)


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM EDT

    Hey there Roxie,
    Having just this morning emerged from a similar truck stop where the semis were backing over my head, I send my heart-felt condolescences to Moose and although I refuse to be allergic to anything (except cats - ugh!), I also empathize with your fall skin condition. I have already signed up with my local Dem office to shuttle like-minded people to and from the polls on November 7th. I've given to INDN's List candidates and other Progressive candidates from Ned Lamont in Conn. to Alan Gentges here in Okla. (who is struggling to unseat the vile John Sullivan) So much giving, I'm almost bankrupt. Anyway, I take encouragement from your blog and a host of other bloggers out there who are telling the truth. I feel cautiously optomistic about the upcoming election - if the election is rigged AGAIN, I'm ready to jump in my car and head to DC (this is just a heads up for your Moms) and take to the streets - I'm not letting my country and democracy go down without a monsterous, raging fight! Love your blog Roxie. Stephanie is definitely missing out on some very insightful stuff...
    Love & Cheers,
    Auntie MF

  2. Dear Sweet Roxie -- What a wonderful post to read! I LOVED Wednesday's post, too. And I'll be coming home tomorrow and promis not to travel again unless I bring y'all along with me. I"ve had a very good time this week -- important time with my family and a terrific conference -- but it's WAY PAST time to COME HOME, even if the Rolling Stones are playing here in Zilker Park in Austin tomorrow (you should see the stage they have set up -- WOW!).

    I think George Bush looks fat in that picture, too. And his wife is definitely medicated. Was just in a town where all the streets seem to be named after his father. Started to give me the heebie jeebies. . . .

    The Dems SHOULD win on Nov 7, but I am still very afraid that the Repubs will manage to steal it, again. . . .They didn't win in 2000 and they didn't win in 2004, and no one seems to care. I don't understand it.

    And, Pat Tillman's bday is evidently that of your granddaddy Earl's -- just thought you'd want to know that.


  3. Anonymous1:21 PM EDT

    Hi, Roxie! I'm sorry to hear about the ailments in your household. When my person gets a case of the semis, my writing suffers, too!

    We beagles tend to put on weight, so I have to take exception to the idea that "he looks fat" is a good criticism. Clinton and Gore both put on weight at various times, and Joe Lieberman always seems the same svelte-ish political poophead he's always been. The point isn't the weight in the middle, it's the poop in the head.

    Besides, there is so much else to say about Bush. This is after all the week when he said, "We've never been stay the course." Of course that's ungrammatical. The correct form would have been, "Ohmigod, like we've totally never been all like stay the course."

    Dudley the Beagle, who is all like stay the course on how a male dog should react to a Bush.

  4. Well, Dudley, I count on you to keep me fair in my criticisms, but I'm not criticizing Bush for being fat. I only mention it because I know how vain the Exerciser in Chief is about his fitness and his body. He typically discusses fitness regimens when he is interviewing people for job, for example, and is quite judgmental about others who gain weight (though Karl Rove and Karen Hughes seem to be exempt from this rule). Anyway, I was giving him a dose of his own medicine. Now that I know he uses the internets, I'm hoping he'll come visit Roxie's World!

  5. Anonymous10:02 PM EDT

    Well, that is helpful to know, Roxie. I had no idea the Bush was obnoxious about people who put on weight. That certainly changes my opinion of him.

    I used to think he was a snotty, vain, immature, obnoxious, incompetent, inhumane, self-important, dimwitted, administratively inept, sociopathic poophead about whom I had no basis for saying that he was snotty about other people gaining weight. Now, based on what you have told me, I now believe him to be a snotty, vain, immature, obnoxious, incompetent, inhumane, self-important, dimwitted, administratively inept, sociopathic poophead who is ALSO snarky about people (and probably beagles, too) who put on weight.

    Wish I could say it was a surprise.

    Dudley, hoping you and Moose are feeling better


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