Thursday, October 26, 2006

Diva Citizens

Check out these sexy public service announcements aimed at getting women to vote. They're put out by an organization Moose and I have never heard of called Women's Voices, Women Vote. It's a non-partisan group, so the feminism of the commercials is so "lite" that it's hard to tell exactly why the organization is interested in mobilizing women to get to the polls. One of the speakers is actress Angie Harmon, a socially conservative Republican who gave a speech at the 2004 Republican convention. Like progressive radio goddess Stephanie Miller, Harmon also has a unibrow. Anyway, another of the speakers is Felicity Huffman, who was an object of reverence in our household long before her astonishing performance in Transamerica last year. It's not likely that Harmon and Huffman and the still kick-ass Tyne Daly (who is also featured in the ads) would all vote the same way on any candidate or issue, but we'll put our paws together here at Roxie's World for any effort to get the estrogen set to the polls. For every gun-loving "security mom," there are at least a dozen intelligent women who think it's time to end a senseless war and start focusing on creating the conditions that will make lasting peace possible, here in the US and throughout the world. Angie will be out-voted, so we join her in saying, "Get thee to the polls, Women!"

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