Friday, June 30, 2006

En Vacances

My moms are going to Paris for ten days. I'm not, but I'll have a little vacation of my own right here on Lincoln Avenue. Our friend Margie, founding member of the Society of Fabulous Women, is coming to stay with me most of the time, and then my brother Geoffrey, founding member of the famous a cappella singing group, Geoffrey and the Menopausals, will be with me for the last night or two. I may do some blogging, but on the other hand I might just kick back and party hearty with two of my favorite people on earth who aren't my mommies. I've been feeling pretty good recently, so I'm thinking some serious fun and relaxation are in order.

Oh, but the mommies will be blogging from Paris, so tune into their antics at M & M in Paris.

A bientot, everybody!

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