Monday, June 19, 2006

Dog Bites Phone--Man Lives!

Because of my ongoing health problems, we have focused a great deal of attention here at Roxie's World on the heroic efforts of my moms to keep me alive and well. Hooray to humans for holding up their end of the companion species bargain, I say! Well, today we celebrate a noble canine holding up that bargain from the other side--Belle the beagle, who, according to this morning's Washington Post, saved her owner from a potentially fatal diabetic coma by dialing 911 with her TEETH! She had been trained to monitor her owner's condition by smelling his nostrils to check his ketone levels. When Kevin Weaver collapsed on the floor with a seizure, Belle grabbed his cellphone and pressed on the number 9 with her teeth. That button was programmed to dial 911. When the dispatcher heard nothing but a dog barking, an ambulance was sent to Weaver's home to see what the problem was. Belle hitched a ride to the hospital in the ambulance--and was treated to a steak dinner for her quick thinking and acting when Kevin was released from the hospital later that day.

Humans, think of this story the next time your dog puts some "foreign object" in his or her mouth. And dogs, let us raise our paws to Belle, brave and intrepid companion to a wise and loving owner. Let us eat steak!

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  1. Anonymous4:28 PM EDT

    yay for my cousin Belle!
    Levi the (honky-tonk) beagle


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