Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rumors of My Death. . .

. . .have been greatly exaggerated--or are at least premature.

This is Roxie. We'll keep Moose's beautiful tear-jerker of a pre-obituary up on the site for awhile, because it's nice to see what pretty things people will say about the nearly dead. Moments after she posted it, however, Dr. K. called from the clinic with some very encouraging news. They got a test result back, and it turns out that I do have pancreatitis. Dr. K. has mapped out a course of treatment (fluids, antibiotics, and narcotics for pain), so we'll start it tomorrow and see how I do. If I respond, hooray--I'm back on my trail by Tuesday! If I don't, well, I'll make that move Moose referred to earlier, and my moms will know they did everything they could to help me.

Actually, even if Dr. K. had come by tomorrow morning to play Dr. Kevorki-vet, I know that I have been showered with the best care and all the love in the world. My moms are poster girls for the old-fashioned kind of lesbian mothering: obsessive devotion to pets. We've had a great ride together, and I'm happy to know it will go on for at least a little while longer, though, frankly, at this very moment, I'm so weak from hunger and pain that I can barely hold my head up. I think I'll go curl up on one of the comfortable old towels my moms have placed strategically around the house to catch me and my bodily fluids when I fall.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and wise council, friends of Roxie's World. Stay tuned for updates on my health and the state of the world, which is much in need of my keen eye and rapier wit, if you ask me.


  1. I hope everything works as I know it will, and that you feel much better very soon Roxie... you and you moms will be in my thoughts.

  2. So you trotted to the door, jumped up and licked my face over and over, got jealous when I made a cell phone call and barked and barked to let me know, laid down at my feet while I worked at the computer -- and ATE REAL DOG FOOD from your dish.

    And when your moms came home, you just played and played.

    Roxie, I knew you weren't ready to leave us yet


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