Friday, September 23, 2011

Empire State of Love

The Moms are about to catch a train for a big gay wedding up in the Big Apple this weekend. They also managed to snag a pair of tix to the hottest show in town, The Book of Mormon, so Moose is, like, you know, over the moon with excitement.

Our pal Julie, who's getting hitched, confessed on Facebook to having some difficulty writing her vows. Let's help her out, kids. What should a girl promise her girl as she publicly, legally commits to hanging in with her until the last dog dies? When the Moms stood up together in 1989 for their (not legal in any state) practically a wedding ceremony, Moose promised Goose a joke a day for the rest of her life. That's worked out pretty well, and it totally avoided all that pesky, bummer-inducing crap about sickness and death.

Leave your suggestions for Julie's vows in comments, darlings, and have a lovely, if soggy, weekend. Meanwhile, we'll play the girls off with a bit of relationship advice from Mr. Bruce Springsteen (who turns 62 today!) and the E Street Band. Here's a lovely version of "If I Should Fall Behind," which really tells you everything you need to know about what it takes to hang in with someone over the long haul. It all boils down to patience and compassion, doesn't it? If I mess up -- and I will -- bear with me. If I lose my way, don't lose faith. I will find my way home -- to you, to me, to us.
Should we lose each other in the shadow of the evening trees
I'll wait for you
And should I fall behind
Wait for me
Peace out, lovebirds.


  1. Awwwww: the Big Man!

    A joke a day is good; but if you aren't good at telling a joke, how about "share a laugh and a kiss each day"?

  2. She's made me laugh every day for more than 27 years, and what could be better? (She's even done it on those rare days that we're fighting, which is a little unfair, you know. . .it coaxes me right out of my anger. What a minute -- that's FAB!)

    Julie & Kim -- you already seem deliriously happy, and we are honored and pleased to be here to celebrate you. A little laughter and sweet kisses, and waiting for one another, as Mr. Springsteen remarks, make all of the difference. When one of you falls behind, all will be well if the other waits and extends a helping hand.

    Row in Eden, dwell in Possibility, luxuriate in poetry, and always remember and embrace the importance of having fun!

    with love,

  3. That's good advice, Clio B, and thanks for weighing in from the Emerald City! Hope you are having a swell time over there with your Gentleman Caller. :-)

    Not to worry, Goose. I think Julie and Kim are experienced Rowers in Eden. I bet they'll row, row, row their boats together for many happy decades to come.

    Congratulations, wimmin. It was great being with you on your special day.

  4. I hope you guys had a gay old time in NYC! Did you go to any restaurants? Which ones?


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