Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Spotted in San Fran

In Which It is Learned that One of the World's Great Cities is Even Greater When There Aren't Ten Thousand English Profs Roaming Its Streets Searching for Free Drinks and Cheap Food Fabulous Enough to Merit a Facebook Status Gloat

Spot #1: On the top of Nob Hill, the last elegant woman in America sits on a park bench not worrying that something she posted on Twitter is going to get her in a boat load of trouble:

Spot #2: When dogs start running around the park unleashed and soaking wet, the last elegant woman in America makes a dignified exit and leans gently against a lamp post while waiting for a light to change. Perhaps she fondly recalls the (less elegant?) days when she worked this corner:

Spot #3: Why, look -- Someone has gotten the crazy idea that if you want support for public higher education you have to ask for it! Who'd a thunk it? Way to go, SFSU:

Spot #4: Oh, look, off in the distance, a pretty bridge! Neat, let's have dinner:

(Photo Credits: Moose, 6/5-7/11)

Sorry for the lack of commentary, kids, but the typist has a plane to catch. See you on the other side, darlings!


  1. YAY SFSU! (One of my schools!)

  2. The cliff house is shit. You gotta go to Louis, up the hill above the Sutro Baths.

  3. Louis' is closed for renovation, CPP, but you are wrong about the Cliff House. It was very good. Plus, wine was 50% off on a Tuesday night!

  4. CLOSED!??? Auggghhhh!!!!!!!!


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