Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now We Are Five

Er, I mean, this here little blog is five -- Yep, count 'em, five years old today! -- and in blog years that's, like, ancient. But, you know, the Forever Young'uns of Roxie's World have decided to honor the occasion by reconnecting with the happy spirit of this bright-eyed West Texas girl, who celebrated her fifth birthday a long, l-l-l-l-long time ago out where the deer and the antelope play:

(Photo Credit: Most likely, the Mother of the Goosians, 5/14/??)

Thanks for coming to the party, kids. And thanks for all the love and fun and righteous anger, not to mention the clicks and the links and the laughs and the determination to keep the glasses at least half full. Thanks, in short, for all you do to inspire us to keep on blogging, come hell, high water, hard times, and happy ones. We couldn't do it without you. Or, well, we could, but why the heck would we bother? You are the most wonderful critters on dog's beautiful if messed up earth, and we love having the chance to hang out with you. Thanks, above all else, for stopping by.

Every party needs a song. Here, not surprisingly, is ours for today. May your hearts always be joyful, darlings, even after, you know, they've stopped beating. Peace out.

(Previous blogiversary posts: fourth, third, second, first.)


  1. Kathy Kleeman3:23 PM EST

    Just think, you're already as clever as clever, and you didn't have to wait to be six!

  2. We're everybody, are you?

    Are you everybody too?

    Then there is a pair, a snare, a myriad of us you know!

    How dreary to be solitary, not public like a blog!

    Now tell it everyday, to an admiring


  3. Happy Day for your readers!

  4. Happy 5th, gals! I brought you some "wood": seems that's the traditional gift for 5th anniversaries.

    Thank you for blogging: we readers are quite pleased that you're blogging.

    Now, where's the champagne?

  5. Happy bloggiversary, Roxie SL!

    Are those fire hats on the birthday girl and boy?

  6. Those are indeed fire hats (though the kid to Goose's left is just a party guest, not a birthday boy). We think the hats were the Mother of the Goosian's good-humored acknowledgment of one of the more notorious incidents of Goose's childhood. She and cousin Tommy (boy on the far left in the photo) set the living room on fire while playing cowboys. Hey, they needed a campfire and just got a little more than they bargained for!

    Round of drinks for everybody and some low-fat snacks for the new Weight Watchers buffet at Ishmael's. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday 5th Birthday! It looks as if everyone is having fun at this party in the photo.

  8. Everyone WAS having fun! The importance of having fun cannot be overestimated, as far as we're concerned. :)

  9. Fun is why we visit. But we like the politics too.


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