Friday, March 18, 2011

I Have a Feeling We're Not in [Missouri] Anymore

We know there's news breaking out in the world, darlings -- news monumental, heartbreaking, terrifying, and queerly relevant and disappointing -- but we can't wrap our paws around it right now. Forgive us. It's spring. Goose is away at a conference. Moose has a plane to catch early in the morning. And the new dog in Roxie's world made her first trip to the groomer's today. Would you mind terribly if we uploaded a couple of really cute pictures and called it a night? I mean, really cute. Miss Ruby is a super high-femme girlie girl, so her day at the beauty parlor made Dorothy's makeover in Oz look positively ho-hum. Ruby loved her groomer -- my erstwhile groomer, of course -- and the groomer loved her. She came home smelling sweet and looking absolutely, well, foxy. Don't you agree?

The shot above is in the car on the way home. (Note to Rulers of the World: Please pass a law against taking photographs while driving. Moose really shouldn't be doing that, should she?) Ruby likes car rides, too. She looks sleepy, though, doesn't she? Well, you know that the quest for beauty can be exhausting. She looks a little perkier after she'd gotten home and had a snack and a chance to strut around the house a bit:

(Photo Credits: Moose, with effects by CameraBag, 3/18/11)

Bet your teeth are aching from the sweetness, right? Yeah, I thought so. Don't worry, my pretties. The world and all its sorrows will be waiting for you tomorrow. For now, savor a little cuteness rescued from the horrors of a Missouri puppy mill and magically transported to a world of love and fabulousness beyond her wildest terrier dreams.

Ah, Ruby, you are a fortunate critter indeed. I may be in heaven, but you are in paradise. Dorothy Gale had nothing on you. Savor the bliss. You deserve it.

And so do you, my darlings. May you be up to your eyeballs in love and fabulousness. Peace out.

(Go watch the clip of Dorothy and Toto taking their first awestruck steps through Oz. You know you want to, and we want you to, but we can't embed it here.) 


  1. Anonymous11:01 PM EDT

    Ok, you just need to stop enticing me with your adorable pup, as it makes me think that I should have a pup, and I am staving off all puppy desires because puppies are *a much bigger commitment* than kitties, and I am not yet prepared to make that commitment. That said, I really, really want to rub Ruby's belly and to scratch her behind her ears. And I keep looking smilingly at all the dogs I meet on my neighborhood walks.

  2. Don't get a puppy, Dr. C. -- Get a somewhat older rescue dog. You do a good deed, AND you miss out on some of the hard work that goes along with training a baby dog. In some ways, it's true, dogs are a bigger commitment than cats, but they give as much as they get. And cats can be a little meh in that regard. Not to diss cats, but, well, you know.

    Oh, and we cannot promise to stop enticing you with adorable dog photos. It's a busy semester -- My typist will do almost anything to get a post up!

  3. Those fucken ears are absurdly KYOOT!

  4. Kisses to the beautiful Miss Ruby! She certainly has found paradise! :)

  5. Can they even dye her eyes to match her gown? Jolly good town!

    I just saw a high school musical version of the Wizard of Oz this weekend. It was quite good, and "Toto" was a real, live terrier who's a ringer for Ruby, only with black fur.

    Hope you are all well, Roxie dear.


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