Friday, February 05, 2010

Snowpocalypse II

Roxie's World Rides the Leading Edge
of the Storm of the Freakin' (Young) Century!

View of the Ridiculously Large Backyard, 4 PM, Friday:

Snowfall Predictions, as of 7 PM, Friday:

Baked Potato Soup, For Crucial Pre-Shoveling Carbo-Loading:

A Hearty Red, For Warding Off Cabin Fever:

A Tragic Historical Context That Keeps Being Invoked and Making Us Worry When All We Want to Do Is Sit Back and Enjoy the Snow:

Let us know what's going on in your neck of the woods, kids! What are you eating? Drinking? Reading? Watching? Thinking? Hoping? Talk to us, darlings. It's not like you're going to be going anywhere! Be safe, be warm, and remember: Spring is just six weeks away! Peace out.


  1. Early, early visit to Bloom on the Pike to gather cupcake makings. Layla was waiting at the window and she helped me make overthetop chocolate cupcakes. More cupcake baking tomorrow. Check out out cupcake blog: 52 Cupcakes...full of cupcakes and Layla! Right now, it's pretty tight on the couch...French Bulldog (Nigel) on the right and American Bulldog (Layla) on the right. Very cozy!

    Be safe!

  2. Those are some AMAZING cupcakes, CQ, and that is one GORGEOUS dog. I'd be jealous of Layla if I weren't, you know, dead and if I hadn't had, like, a totally spoiled and delightful life. Stay warm!

  3. Candy Man8:26 PM EST

    That potato soup looks perfect! Perhaps tomorrow we'll follow your lead. Happy snowpocalypse!

  4. It's delicious -- and so easy! You will love it. Enjoy the snow. xo

  5. Stay warm, girls, and don't kill yourself shoveling away all of that heavy, wet, eastern snow! It's the dry part of winter out here on the high plains desert, and the skiiers around these parts are getting worried that there's too little snow. (That will change for us in March and/or April, when we usually get a major spring dump.)

    Let me know if you think this storm will beat the major dump of early Jan. 1996, when the city shut down for 3-4 days (as did most of the East). I was stuck in Atlanta at an AHA, trying to fly back into National Airport, and was amazed when I emerged at my Metro stop--Union Station--to a moonscape of unplowed, untouched snow. After 4 days! Just blocks from the U.S. Capitol!

    My impression from that experience is that Washington thinks it's a southern city, and acts like it's never seen snow before. But it does, on a regular basis, and yet refuses to adapt. . .

  6. dudley the beagle11:53 AM EST

    We here in the House of Ironical Beagles have had the Weather Channel on, which means we have been suffering under a blizzard of inanities and malapropisms of, as they say, Biblical Proportions (TM). Let's go to our reporters in the field to see just how high and deep the stuff is getting piled.

    Yesterday, in Atlanta, the Intrepid Reporter, standing out in the not-yet-snow, tells the camera, "We don't have any snow here yet, but once it gets started, it's going to be hard to stop."

    Um. It's going to be hard to stop the snow? Yes. One would think. Either the snow will be easy to stop (for whoever--or Whoever--got it started in the first place) or impossible to stop (for the rest of us). I don't think these people listen to themselves. (Either that, or the reporter was dog-whistling the theologians among the viewership and proposing a theory of deity that involves non-omnipotence. That's always a possibility.)

    Back to D.C. for this late-breaking phrase: the anchor-of-the-moment, promises that they will be watching the storm unfold "with a fine-toothed comb."

    And back again to our reporter in Atlanta (where they still didn't have snow, but where he could measure the water and tell us how much snow they WOULD have once it began to snow): "one inch of water equivalates to ten inches of snow."

    Also, it appears that the snow is not merely Biblical (TM), it's epic!!! However, they failed to state which epic. Is it Iliadic? Odyssean? Aeneidic? Mahabharatan? Paradise Losty? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Finally, to get around to actually, y'know, answering your question, we have way too much snow here. The human goes out every hour or so and tries to shovel a path, which the other two dogs use, although not with the enthusiasm we saw when the flakes were just a foot or so high; however, the human was just as glad when I made use of the (highly washable) floor. And having at this point shared way too much, I'm going to go back to my spot on the human bed and curl up for my late-morning nap and wait until the celestial Dr. Zhivago re-enactment is over.

  7. Eating: something from a box. That potato soup looks very tasty! Drinking: coffee, diet Coke, then cheap white merlot. Watching: the snow, and doggies hopping through the snow. Seriously, one human was callous enough to bring a poor basset hound into snow over the poor basset's head. Reading: this blog, of course! Hoping: this headache will go away and that I will finish this article that has ground to a halt.

    Stay warm Roxie and family!

  8. dudley the beagle12:21 PM EST

    Also, re Historiann's comment, we here in the House of Ironical Beagles remember that the great blizzard of 2003 was, of course, during the first term of Bush The NeoConner, who brought back the worship of St. Ronnie the Sainted, who pointed out that the 19 scariest words in the English language were, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to clear your roads so you can go about your business safely."

  9. dudley the beagle12:41 PM EST

    Oops! With apologies to Historiann: we were thinking of the 2003 blizzard. Clearly, our head has become muddled from trying to do an "all-nooner," staying awake for half-hours on end, instead of keeping to a sensible schedule and settling down for our noon nap.

  10. At long last, friends, Mother Nature seems to have shot her wad. The storm is over! Moose got a couple of shots of blue patches of sky and actual sunshine before night fell a while ago. We've got close to two feet out in the ridiculously large backyard and drifts higher than that, but we are safe and warm and have power.

    Glad to hear from area readers that you are all bearing up. Clio: White merlot! Who knew? Dudley: Tinkling on the floor during blizzards? Absofreakinglutely! Historiann: We were here for that awful storm in '96, too, and are hoping the District does better this time around with snow removal. I do think they've learned a thing or two, even if we seriously doubt the city will be "open and ready for business" first thing Monday a.m., as Mayor Fenty was promising on the teevee this morning. Paws crossed, of course.

    Meantime, they are calling for more snow Tuesday night. Lord, does that mean channel 4 will send Pat Collins back out to stand in the street for 24 hours to shout at us that IT IS SNOWING?!?


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