Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't Stop --

Didn't I tell you people to go to Hillary's web site to try to prevent this??? Don't fail me, loyal fans! Don't fail Moose! You know how sensitive she is, especially when it comes to music! And yet, this may well be one of the most brilliant political come-ons ever. (You have to go to the Clinton campaign web site to learn the results of the theme song contest. The video is just a teaser -- and a darned effective one it is.) Oh, Hill. Oh, Bill. You get us every time. And if you didn't see The Sopranos finale, well, you're out of luck, but the onion rings joke is REALLY, REALLY funny, as is the creepy guy who glares at Hill and Bill so menacingly. (Yes, that is Vincent Curatola, who played John Sacramoni on The Sopranos, doing the glaring, according to a fun little report on the video in Wa Po.) But, oh, lord, CELINE DION??!!??

And here is further proof, should it be required, that Maureen Dowd is absolutely brain-dead on the subject of the Clintons. Rather than give the Clintons a few points for cleverness in their Sopranos spoof, Dowd wastes her ink on pointing out the ways in which Hillary is "like" both Carmela (she, "too, found a way to profit from her husband's failings and flaws") and Tony (she "is so power-hungry that she can justify any thuggish means to get the prize"). Oh, spare us your stupid, flat-footed analogies, Mo. It's unfortunate the Clintons aren't as ruthless and powerful as your fevered imagination seems to think they are. If the senator and the president were just a little more "thuggish," perhaps they'd find a way to shut you up.


  1. I know Roxie... I know. I went, I voted, I contributed, and while I am still on team Hillary, I CANNOT believe we are going to have to deal with a Celine Dion song for the next year and a half... ugh.

  2. Moose may have to be hospitalized. She was so sure it was going to be "Suddenly I See," which is so peppy and cool and "Grey's Anatomy"-ish. Now she says she's going to wait and see what Tom Tancredo's theme song is before she endorses. Yikes!

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM EDT

    Hi Roxie,

    In tribute to your blog, one of my moms is at this very moment listening to "My Heart Will Go On," being a complete sucker for Titanic. Anyway, we all loved the Clinton video spoof in our house (particularly the Johnnie Sack cameo), but I have to say, having DOGGEDLY watched the Sopranos all these years, that I was mighty disappointed in that fade to black. Seemed a bit of a cop out to me. Can I bite David Chase?

    Your pal,


  4. You may absolutely bite David Chase, Ripley, tho my moms have mellowed a bit on the fade to black ending of the Sopranos. So great to see you again in Roxie's World. I'm sorry the Mystics SUCK!!!!

    your friend,


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