Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Dog's Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for this year. Mostly, I am just awfully glad to still be here after my epic battles with congestive heart failure and pancreatitis earlier in the year. I am grateful to my moms for taking such good care of me--for the long trips to Bowie to see my canine cardiologist, for the many hours in the kitchen concocting good things for me to eat when my meds messed with my appetite, for their patience with my occasional incontinence and my new lower energy levels (though I will point out that our holiday weekend festivities included a 3-mile walk out on my trail). I am also grateful to YOU, my legions of friends and fans here in Roxie's World, who held me in the light during the scary moments and celebrated with me during the joyous ones. You all taught me that the blogosphere is like the "real" world in one very important way: Love makes the virtual world go 'round, too, if you're lucky enough to find it and to hold onto it once you do.

I raise my paws to every one of you and wish you health, happiness, and peace during this holiday season. May the world find more of all three in the coming days. May the citizens of the world join together to create more of all three in the coming days.

I asked my moms what they were feeling thankful for this year. They rolled their eyes, rubbed my ears, and said, at the same time, "You, silly, and your other mother." Then they said they were both grateful that Democrats would be taking over Congress in the new year, even though they are reasonably certain the Dems will find ways to disappoint them once they are in a position to actually do something again. Still, here's a short but good list of reasons to be grateful about the shift in power in the Congress, which includes the fact that Bill Frist will no longer be Senate majority leader and that George Bush will be a lame duck faced with a Democratic majority in both houses. There is much to be thankful for in those changes alone.

Moose and Goose are also very thankful that Goose wasn't seriously hurt in the accident that cut short the life of their trusty Subaru. They are still sad to have lost the rugged little wagon that could, but they are looking forward to getting a Prius for Christmas and having a car that is just a bit gentler on the planet. That's my moms for ya: Hand 'em a lemon, and they'll whip up a batch of lemonade on the spot. Goose will slip in some vodka, Moose will set out some snacks, and--presto!--it's a party, kids! Seriously, the Post ran an article this morning on the gathering, indisputable evidence of climate change and how animals, businesses, and regional planners are adjusting to it. (Read it here.) Moose read it and thought, yet again, of all the precious time that has been wasted in the past few years on the pressing problem of how to sustain life on this planet over the long haul.

On a lighter note, we are all thankful that the college basketball season is underway and that so far at least both the Maryland women's and men's teams are undefeated, while both Duke and North Carolina have already suffered losses at the hands of less highly ranked teams. (Pardon us while we indulge in a hearty shout of "nanny nanny boo boo, nanny nanny boo boo!") We're not exactly "thankful" for comedian Michael Richards' insane racist diatribe during a recent comedy performance (see part of the rant and his "apology" on Letterman here), but we do feel vindicated in never having liked Seinfeld, which always bored or annoyed us. We'd be even more grateful if, in the coming year, we would hear a whole lot less about the following profoundly uninteresting people or things: Tom Cruise, Kevin Federline, Paris Hilton (whoever she is), Brangelina, the latest makeover show, the latest "reality" show, the latest attractive young white woman to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Oh, yeah, and Donald Rumsfeld. We look forward to hearing nothing from him in a matter of moments.

Human or canine, large breed or small, shedding or non-shedding, we hope that you enjoyed a bounteous feast this weekend and that you feel rested and ready for the chilly, busy season ahead. Let us know what you're feeling thankful for, ye humble denizens of Roxie's World. We hope you need all the toes on all your paws to count your blessings and that you'll find ways to share your blessings with others. Hokey as that might sound, it's a dog-gone good way to be. Peace out, friends.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM EST

    Dear Roxie, I am so glad to hear that you also don't know who Paris Hilton is. This has been a lingering mystery to me -- but not sufficiently compelling to inspire a Google search, or something of that nature. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM EST

    Hola Roxie,
    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I had a great trip out to Albuquerque, during which I reflected on the friends I have had for many, many years - a part of my life for which I am most grateful. Please say a little prayer for the Hoosiers who face Duke tomorrow night at Cameron (Duke's home court ;( ). I understand that your house is a die-hard Terrapins zone, but I also understand that your Mom, Moose, hates the Blue Devils almost as much as your Auntie Faye does. Go Hoosiers!
    Auntie Faye

  3. Hey Roxie -- this is your old pal Margie. I am especially thankful that my sister did not have to put her dog down this weekend. They thought he was dying -- 14 years old, adorable little thing -- but it turned out to be an inner ear infection which is treatable. It reminded me of your crisis last summer. She went from distraught to euphoric very quickly.

    So I am especially grateful for dogs who know we are not yet ready for them to leave us.

    I will see you soon, okay?

    Oh, by the way, it was my Marquette Golden Eagles that took down the evil empire of Duke basketball. We are very proud.

  4. How delightful to hear from my Official Gay Stalker, my Radical Militant Librarian, and my fabulous Eco Warrior Woman all in the same day! The truth is, I wonder if anyone really knows who Paris Hilton is. I think she is a figment of People magazine's imagination. Secondly, rest assured, Auntie Faye, that my moms will root for the Hoosiers against the Evil Empire. It's in keeping with the family policy of hating Duke so much that we'd root for the Taliban if they were playing the Blue Devils. And, Margie, I am GLAD your sister's dog made it through the weekend. Drive home safely. We miss you here in the 'hood.

  5. Duh! Paris Hilton is where middle-class American families stay in France. Sis, sometimes I wonder about you!

  6. Anonymous5:22 PM EST

    Hi, Roxie! I am thankful for all indoors. Which is where I live now. I am thankful for all my beds in the house. I have, um, five. No, six. No, wait, there's another one in the kitchen--seven. Eight, actually.

    I am NOT thankful for my foster-sister Sadie. Not because she sleeps on some of my beds, which I don't mind because we beagles get it about being in a pack. Mostly because she gets so excited she doesn't look where she's bouncing so she sometimes bounces on people. Meaning beagles. Meaning me. Mostly.

  7. Well, Dudley, that's what comes from living with one of the world's most generous humans. Yours is a mighty protectress of canine creatures, and we love her for that. Sadie is probably bouncing because she's so happy to have found a warm, safe place to be, and you really can't blame her for that. I say, if you can't beat 'em, bounce with 'em!


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