Saturday, September 16, 2006

Winning the War on Terriers

First, I have to apologize to my legions of loyal fans. Roxie's World has been quiet in the last couple of weeks because Moose has been too busy to type for me. She periodically stumbles in the front door to rant and rave about the start of a new semester, but Goose and I haven't seen much of her lately. She seems pretty stressed. Meantime, I am violating Rule #1 of the Blogosphere: Publish regular updates so that your fans won't drift away. I'm here! Don't leave me! It's Moose's fault!

On the other hand, obsessive listeners of The Stephanie Miller Show know that I haven't just been napping or rolling in scat lately. Far from it! I've been getting FAMOUS, and I've won an important victory in the War on Terriers. Fans will recall that in my post of August 31 I chastised progressive talk goddess and dog lover Stephanie Miller for insulting remarks she made about terriers during one of her shows. I won't go over it again because it's too painful, though I will note that it involved the words "small" and "high-strung."

Anyway, my aunt Faye, official radical militant librarian to The Stephanie Miller Show, forwarded the post to Steph and let her know that I and terriers everywhere were not amused by her vicious trafficking in stereotypes and misinformation. On our behalf, Faye demanded an apology. She cleverly suggested that we might forgive Steph if she agreed to mention Roxie's World on the air. Well, folks, I am pleased to report that this past Tuesday (September 12), at the start of the show's third hour, Ms. Stephanie Miller did publicly and sincerely apologize to me and all my terrier friends. She waved a big white flag in the War on Terriers. Plus, she not only mentioned my blog address on the air, she read extensively from the War on Terriers post, totally cracking up executive producer Chris Lavoie with the line about terriers not being high-strung but "just busier than other creatures."

Goose heard it live while she was out doing errands and nearly ran the car off the road when she heard Stephanie mention Roxie's World. Moose missed it. She was snarfing down a bagel in the middle of a busy morning in College Park. Poor, frantic humans.

I would upload an MP3 file of the whole exchange, but that is both illegal and, as far as Moose and I are concerned, impossible to do on Blogger, given our limited technical skills. We suggest that you all subscribe to the podcast of The Stephanie Miller Show, and then you can access it through the archives. Now that Stephanie has surrendered in the War on Terriers, we are proud to re-assume our role as shameless pluggers of her fabulous show. She plugged us. We plug her. That, my humble friends, is how the cycle of fame works.

Terriers, of course, are accustomed to fame, so you needn't worry that this brush with celebrity will go to my head. Naturally, my favorite famous terrier is Asta, the wire-haired fox from The Thin Man movies, but Toto from The Wizard of Oz was a Cairn terrier and Eddie on the TV show Frasier was a Jack Russell. Then there's FDR's famous Scottie, Fala. George Bush has a Scottie, too, but that's just part of his pathetic attempt to imitate strong presidents so it doesn't count. Here's an (incomplete) list of famous terriers for those of you who might wish to enhance your canine cultural literacy (and if you're reading this, surely you must want to do that). We're hoping Ms. Stephanie Miller will take a look at this impressive list the next time she's tempted to disrespect our noble group of breeds.


  1. Thank God Roxie!

    Your fans have been going back over and over to this site and seeing nothing new have been languishing for want of some jumping up and down!

    Thank God for Radio Talk Show goddesses who know how to make good on errors!

    Would that we all had this charming capacity. I only wish I were better at it myself.

    Jumping up and down. Katie

  2. Hey Rox, you famous wonder! I was so proud when I heard Stephanie on Tuesday morning, election day here in the great state of Maryland (are we destined to become the new Florida/Ohio as far as vote counting goes -- oh oh OH!). I'm still grinnin' about it.

    But hey, I think you should demand that Stephanie link to you from her Daily Blog. For Sept. 12, she doesn't, and one certainly might think she would!

    Much love,
    Your Goose

  3. Well, terriers are all for jumping up and down, so I am pleased to have given my fans a reason to get up out of their seats. And Stephie's fans should write in and demand that she put a link to my blog up on her Daily Blog as part of her ongoing penance. Brilliant idea, Goose!

  4. Anonymous9:50 PM EDT

    I too am glad to see you have updated your blog. The story of Flush the spaniel was delightful and uplifting and I could have read it over and over again for months, but the story of Flush the RAZR, . . . not so much.

    It's good to know Ms. Miller finally got the word. I personally like the description that terriers are just "busier than other creatures."

    Another way of putting it is "not underwrought."


  5. Pretty clever for a beagle, Dudley. Maybe I should have you do a guest column on famous beagles. Let's see, there's Snoopy, and. . .Well, maybe it would be a short column.


  6. Anonymous5:30 PM EDT

    Now, now. Just because terriers don't keep track doesn't mean there are no famous beagles. Start with Snoopy. Then there's Mr. Peabody (of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show), with his boy Sherman (not a beagle). Gromit (of Wallace and Gromit). Porthos of the Starship Enterprise. And of course Underdog!

    Hmm. Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Gromit and Wallace. Porthos and Captain Archer. You notice whenever the beagle has a human companion, it's the beagle that's the smart one?

    Just saying.

    Queen Elizabeth I used to have pocket beagles that she allowed to cavort amongst her guests' dinner dishes. I personally think that is a fine idea. There are proposals to bring back the pocket beagle. I think, if we're going to be bringing things back, we should start with the dinner-dish cavorting.



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