Wednesday, September 20, 2006


NEWS FLASH: Roxie's World Named "Official Dog Blog of The Stephanie Miller Show." Stephie said so Herself at the top of the third hour of this morning's show!

Moose and I were spending a morning at home together and so heard it live. We danced around the great room as Steph read at length from an e-mail I had sent her officially accepting her surrender in the War on Terriers. She turned to me and said, "So, Rox, how does it feel to be famous?" I could barely conceal my contempt. "Mom," I replied, "I have always been famous. It's just that now everybody knows it." "Okie-dokie," she countered, "but I'm still the one who can trick you into taking your heart meds by wrapping them in liverwurst." She had me there. I am inordinately fond of liverwurst.

More soon, loyal fans. I just wanted to get the good news out. I have a lot of work to do as I take on the responsibilities of a public role in connection with a nationally syndicated radio program dedicated to saving the world through fart jokes. I'll have to start by giving Ms. Stephanie Miller a thorough education in the varieties of terriers. Today she referred to me as a "rat terrier." I know. I was shocked, too. I, Roxie Smith-Lindemann, AKC registered wire-haired fox, publicly introduced as a "rat terrier." The ink isn't even dry on the papers making them an AKC breed! Boy, do I have my work cut out for me.

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