Thursday, May 11, 2006

Medication Management

My moms have made a bold decision. They took me off Lasix two days ago because they think it's making me tinkle way too much and that it's probably damaging my kidneys. They didn't even ask the doctor! I wholeheartedly support their decision and am doing my best not to make any more messes to prove how brave and wise I think they are. We are all fervently hoping that I don't go back into congestive heart failure (I was on Lasix to prevent that), but we're convinced that my previous episode was brought on by one of the medications Dr. Braz-Ruivo put me on when my heart disease was first diagnosed. He took me off that drug--Coreg--and I haven't gone back on it. (Moose swears I never will.) We're sort of on pins and needles waiting to see how this little experiment in medication management will work out. So far, my lungs feel and sound good, and I'm a lot less thirsty than I was. And, like I said, I haven't puddled in the house in two days--whereas night before last I had TWO accidents over night, one in bed with Moose and Goose. I'm thinking that was the straw that broke the mommies' backs. They didn't get mad at me or anything, but I know it's not easy to have to strip the bed all the way down to the mattress and wash everything, which they've had to do several times recently. Moose laughs and says we have the world's cleanest mattress pad. Still, it's not very dignified for a lady to wet the bed.

I hope that fans of my blog will take a moment to close their eyes, cross their fingers, and send a message out to the cosmos that I'll be okay without Lasix. That's my goal right now, and I bet that with your love and support I can achieve it.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good lately. Our friend Margie is back in town after being away for a couple of months, and she marveled at my energy when she came to visit last night. Margie is one of my favorite humans, so of course I was happy to see her and eager to show that I'm still a feisty gal. The spring so far has been cool, so I've been happy to walk out on the trail and to hang out in our yard. Moose watches me from the back window and smiles when I roll over on my back, kick my legs up in the air, and rub rub rub my whole body in mud or scat or whatever else is out there. She says watching that filthy spectacle gives her almost as much pleasure as watching George Bush's poll numbers go down down down to Nixonian levels of ignominy. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds really disgusting.

By the way, "Margie" is Margaret Swedish, an experienced political fighter who has a new cause and a great new blog to go along with it. The cause is climate change and other ecological challenges. It's listed on my links sidebar. Help Margie save the planet for dogs and other creatures. Check out Ecological Hope.

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