Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a very special day in our house. Not only is it Mother's Day (and we dogs are as happy to celebrate our moms as humans are), but it's also Goose's birthday. She is 53 today, and she doesn't mind me telling you that. Goose actively likes getting older and usually bumps her age up by a year or two. She's been referring to herself as "the Ancient of Days" since she was about 29, and she cracks up when Moose explains to other people that "Martha is of course much, much older than I am." (Goose is six years older than Moose. In dog years, I guess that actually is quite a bit older, but Moose and Goose don't look all that far apart to me. Moose sometimes exaggerates things for comic effect, and Goose has spent 22 years falling for those comic effects, which may well be the secret to the success of their partnership.)

Moose and I have been busy tweaking my blog this weekend, so we haven't gotten around to getting Goose a birthday card. (Yes, it's true--Moose supplies tech support for Roxie's World, which is ironic given that she is such a luddite and that Goose is considered by many to be something of an expert with computers.) That's why we decided to make this special mother's day/birthday blog entry just for Goose. I've even written a poem to commemorate the occasion. Here it is:

What I Love About Goose
by Roxie

I lick her face each morning
I snuggle her each night
I eat the food she makes me
and love each tender bite

Her hair is red and fuzzy
Her eyes light up the sky
She fills our house with joy and fun
Our Goose is sweet as pie!


  1. My dear Roxie -- I LOVE this so much. You and Moose just gave me the bestest birthday present EVER. Mmm. . .and you know what? Tomorrow I'm going to make you the bestest meat loaf yet. What do you think about that?

    I love you and I love Moose. We are a very happy family and not a single one of those conservative meanies could possibly say that we are *not* a family. I sometimes wonder if they have so little love in their lives that they feel they have to attack the overflowing love of others. I just don't get it. You know that love is not a bank account and our love would never ever diminish theirs. We will just have to love them, no matter what they say about us. They just don't know what they're doing or saying.

    That's on my mind today because evidently Karl Rove--the cynical politico who has used the fact of our love and loves like ours to "get out the conservative base" in order to ban any legal recognition of our unions--has apparently been served with a sealed indictment charging him with perjury (lying) and other things. He is mean and power mad. Maybe sitting in jail will bring him to his senses and he will repent. In this instance, I would not yell at you for biting him -- it would be the loving thing to do ;)

    You are the best dog in the world, Roxie.

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  3. My dear sis, why did you omit the one stanza you had told me you were going to include. I think it went something like:

    She lets me eat her books,
    She lets me chew her socks.
    I love to eat whatever she cooks
    and lick her Birkenstocks.


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