Friday, May 12, 2006

Living With War

This is my cousin Dylan. He lives in Tulsa with my aunt Faye, dog lover, law librarian, big fan of my blog, and rabid, righteous liberal living at ground zero of Red State World. They stay sane by tuning in to progressive talk genius Stephanie Miller, which is what Dylan is doing in this photo. We heart Steph in our household, too, 'cos she's funny, smart, and great at making up nicknames, such as Puffy McMoonface (Scott McClellan) and Drunky McPukeshoes (Tom DeLay). She also loves dogs. (See my previous post on the sudden death of Steph's beloved Saint Bernard Chester.) Moose says the revolution will not succeed if people can't laugh while they try to change the world, so she is thrilled that Stephanie Miller gets her so tickled every morning that she nearly spits her coffee across the breakfast nook. Her late father, an accountant who wrote dirty parodies of poems and song lyrics when he was in college, taught her that the ability to laugh was the key to surviving all of life's major challenges. He helped Moose to find the laughter in almost any situation, and so she named his cancer "Saddam" when his chemotherapy began in the same week that George Bush's father attacked Iraq back in 1991. Moose and her dad did not agree on many things politically, but they both knew that laughter is good medicine.

Speaking of medicine, today is my third day without Lasix, and I still haven't had any accidents. We're doing the happy dance in my house today!

"Living With War" is of course the title of the new album by Neil Young. It gets a Roxie's World Seal of Approval for responding with passion and artistry to the horrors of an illegal war begun on the basis of a lie. Young is keeping a blog on his website about the war and responses to his album. See

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  1. Anonymous10:58 AM EDT

    Hey there Roxie,
    This is Dylan (or as my Mom calls me "Dillie-doo-doo"). I've been trying to be a better boy by not jumping over the fence and running wild through the neighborhood (although it IS one of my favorite things to do, but it makes my Mom so mad, that I've been trying to stay put ;). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the great post (I'm not at all shy, I love attention of any kind!) I'm also glad to know that you live in a Steph-friendly household - my Mom says she doesn't know what she'd do if your Mom, Moose, hadn't turned her on to Steph. They're both so great! (Moose and Steph!) My Mom also wants to give a shout out to your other Mom (Goose, AKA MN) who also helps keep my Mom sane via her Democracy list. My Mom says it ain't easy staying sane here in Okiehomie. Thanks again for featuring me on your outstanding blog. I asked my Mom if I could start a blog and she said "shush, Dillie." I don't think my Mom wants the responsibility of keeping up a blog. Still, I'm glad that Moose lets you blog - it's great to have a progressive doggie voice out there. Rock on, Roxie!
    Love & Cheers,


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